Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekly summary - 56th week

It is the 56th week on Propecia. I have cut my hair but have to remain the same hair cut. I really wish to have the latest hair cut just like some famous celebrities. I also wish to dye my hair sometimes. I never have a chance to do so since I suffer from MPB.

No matter how you want to hide it with my current hair cut, some people still easily recognized I have male pattern hair loss.

My scalp is itchy at the back. It may be due to dandruff. I have reduce the usage of Selsun Blue shampoo for dandruff to once a week after using Audace Hair Reactive and Hair fall Comtrol Shampoo. Now I will back to normal twice a week again.

My libido is still good this week . The hair loss also been normal for a couple of weeks.


k said...

hi,can you tell me which website i can buy proscar and minoxidil/regaine?

Do you think in malaysia can get generic propecia/proscar?I know in malaysia can only get generic minoxidil

Do you know anyone using dutasteride(avodart) for hair loss?

will we have problem with kastam for propecia and minoxidil?

k here

Jason said...

there is no problem at least for me, my cousin and several malaysian bought via the link of my blog. But yet I can not gurantee u r 100% free from kastam malaysia.

generic minoxidil is available with a price 2- 3 times higher online.
Generic propecia so far I can't find any in local drug store.

SHAWNRAJ_10 said...
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Shawn........ said...

dude i bumped into this while i was browsing. i have inserted the link as well. do you think this will work?

Hair restoration experts around the world have become confident in Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) efficacy as a tool in the fight against both male and female pattern hair loss, but it is both costly and inconvenient.

This technology is now brought direct to you in the comfort of your own home at a fraction of the cost with RadiantLife HRx.

RadiantLife HRx uses Low Level Laser Technology for hair rejuvenation by supplying pulsed 655 nm laser light energy to the scalp. The energy is absorbed on a cellular level and photo-biostimulation takes place, Blood circulation to the follicle area is also increased. A 1998 paper on LLLT by the International Laser Group Association states " ...... it normalises metabolism of tissues, improves blood cell nutrition, and ensures a regular sebaceous secretion ..... if we start from a normal quantity of hair bulbs per square cm of the various subjects involved, we can state that there was strengthening of hair bulbs ..... hair growth could be actually ascertained - also it being darker than before".Just scan the scalp with the laser comb for about 15 minutes 3 to 4 times a week for the first 3 months. Subsequently, 2 sessions a week is recommended for maintenance.

RadiantLife HRx can be used

i hope it helps you. im thinking of trying but am not financially well off.

Anonymous said...

I think Rogaine actually has problem getting passed the kastam in Malaysia. So you better don't order it online they will confiscate Rogaine.


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