Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weekly summary - 62nd week

Do you find that your miniature hair or baby hair grow darker or in a bigger size?I mean after you doing your treatment either by Propecia or Minoxidil?
I have some mix result for my left side frontal. Some of the miniature hair grows in a darker color than before. I suspect some is the hair that falls before but it grow it back. However, it is just partially of my left frontal, the M shape zone has some more darker baby hair. Right side not really notice any changes till now.
However, hair falls has been consistent this recent months. So as my libido. The worry is the crown of my hair, which I notice not become thicker but thinner. I find it is harder and harder to hide my weakness of my hairline or bald spot. Sigh!


bald man said...

actually i have an oily scalp and i was looking for the audace PH performance shammpoo that u are using. I was looking for this product over most the watson store included klcc but i still fail to look for it. So i just wonder can u post the cover box of this product in your blog so that i can know exactly how is look like? Or u can let me know which watson store in kl u buying? Thanks

Jason said...

The photo is in my blog in fact.
Audace PH performance shampoo review
Other hair care products


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