Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekly Summary - 53rd week

This week I will not touch too much of the Audace hair reactive and hair fall control shampoo that I started to use last week. However, I do find my hair look thicker slightly. May be it is because of my psychology. However, may be this shampoo is more suitable to my scalp compare with the Audace PH shampoo for oily hair.
My hair loss is a bit reduced. I still need some time to monitor. May be the effect of the shampoo will diminish after some time and most of the products will lost its effectiveness after some time. But till now, it is so far so good.
I have read that this shampoo will not let you regain your hair. I believe so as my purpose is to make my scalp healthier. If Propecia also not regain my hair after one year, I really can not beleive if someone said a shampoo can regain my hair.


Anonymous said...

hi,can you tell me which website i can buy proscar and minoxidil?

Do you think in malaysia can get generic propecia/finasteride?

Do you know anyone using dutasteride for hair loss?

k here

jack said...

Regarding the audace hair reactive u using, can pls tell me where how the cover of the shampoo look likes? cause i even try to look at watson in klcc, but still cannot get it.


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