Monday, October 6, 2008

Weekly summary - 55th week

This week I may want to stress my disappointment of 8TV.
On 5th Oct the TV station started a programmes collaborate with Yun Nam and co (you get it, London Weight and New York Skin) on 9.30pm every Sunday.
Well, the TV station should know this 3 brands notorious reputation. We all know it is due to MONEY!! That is why all the bad news of Yun Nam, London and New York Skin of their cases of treatments failure are seldom heard in mainstream media. We all know how much Yun Nam has spend in the advertisement in local press alone in a year. To protect their own benefit, all their bad news is covered. Only in internet, all the truth of Yun Nam, London and New York Skin reveal.
It is so bad that more people falls into the traps of Yun Nam and co due to the TV programmes by 8TV. Previously NTV7 and TV3 also has this kind of similar programmes for Yun Nam and co.
Where is the media professional and code ethtics?

My current treatment using Propecia and Audace Shampoo produce a better result of WHat I get in Yun Nam after spending almost RM 10k. And you know what? It is a fraction of the cost I paid every month comapre with the time with Yun Nam.


wongt said...

hi jason,
i'm chinese male age 31 frm msia like you, also having mpb but thins at crown. i pop in once in a while to check ur progress.

so now u are taking propecia alone, or using minoxidil as well?

i suggest that u post pic with ur post, even tho its not properly taken, its alright. its kinda hard for readers to imagine your current condition.

the pics that u have right now, is that a year ago? the condition doesn't seems that bad at all...

Jason said...

Check the labels with hair photos in my blog.

wongt said...

so u use propecia alone or with minoxidil?

have u ordered propecia/finasteride/minoxidil online?
any problems from kastam? i heard they will rampas if they found out,
pls share your experience.

u can email me at


Anonymous said...

hi,can you tell me which website i can buy proscar and minoxidil?

Do you think in malaysia can get generic propecia/proscar?I know in malaysia can get generic minoxidil

Do you know anyone using dutasteride(avodart) for hair loss?

why we'll have problem with kastam for propecia and minoxidil?

k here

wongt said...

hi, which brand of generic minoxidil can get here in msia? n' wht price? care to share?

generic propecia i think its available here,

minoxidil actually can get over d counter without prescription, so say johnson&J at their website for msian market, cos they hold d rogaine brand name.

kastam thing always wana cari makan, u noe la boleh land....

Jason said...

generic minoxidil i found in guardian is RM 130 for one month supply.
Expensive enough?

wongt said...

well in msia almost e'thing is expensive... when comparing dollar to dollar...

so now the thing is, are you using both treatment at the same time??

are u using minoxidil now together with propecia?

No More Hair Lss said...

I used regaine hair loss treatment and found it worked well for a while, however i gave in and shaved my head in the end and feel much better for it now.

BeverLy's Secret said...

Desperately need you help!!!

My brother who is very young at his age notices himself has hair fall problem. I'm so worry about him.

I'm living in US with tons of choices to cure his problem (with money back guarantee and superior service I suppose) while he is in M'sia. I try to browse the internet but nothing comes up except Yun Nam.

He is about to get his first walk in consultant TODAY! Right now actually. I called him 2 minutes ago telling him about Yun Nam's bad reputation after reading from you blog and other online sources.

Other than supplement, are there any shampoos or haircare products that you would recommend? Mind to reply me at

Truly appreciate your help! Thank you in advance.

Jason said...

Beverly's secret
I am so sorry to reply here for late.
I afraid except Propecia or Finasteride and Minoxidil, there is no other scientific proven solution for hairloss, I mean MPB.
I hope he was not conned by Yun Nam that day.

Kerstin Weber said...

Friends as Jason suggest you that avoid to take use of drugs like Propecia or Finasteride and Minoxidil and make yours hair healthy.
and more information about Hair loss treatment please click here

Health Travels said...

It’s not something I can forget, the post is really inspiring and I am indeed influenced. Get more information about hair treatment in Turkey.


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