Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekly summary - 57th week

What is the purpose you want to take Propecia (if you are on Propecia medication)? Why you want to use Minoxidil?

Even we said we want to stop male pattern hair loss, it still very different for different individual.

For example, my target is to regain my hair is frontal, and crown. Not 100% recover but 80% is my target.

Some is just want o delay his hair loss.

Some is to reduce hair loss.

Some is just want to maintain it because they still have a lot of hairs, their hair loss is in the initial stage.

That is the reason we may have very different opinion of the result although it is quite similar result as we have different expectation.

After over one year on Propecia 0.5mg, it does reduce my daily hair loss quite significantly. But in the case to achieve my target, it still have a long way to recover 80% of hairs of my frontal especially. My M shape still visible and have to cover with a hair cuts I don’t like.

I really hope my hair will be soon thicker and fuller and I no need to scare when the wind blows. Imagine you are dating a girl and when the wind blow, your hair in a mess and she notice your bald spot.

Sometimes, I also think due to my hair cut to actually hide the bald spot, I can not comb a corporate hair style that look smart. It will jeopardize your career advancement or career path if your job need you to meet with people. Image is important nowadays, and that’s why we care of our hair, right? Else, why do we take Propecia?


wongt said...


Propecia and minoxidil works differently. One is orally taken and one is topical.

Some ppl use both in hope of getting better results. we all understand that the results varied according to individuals.

But if u haven't tried using both, why not try it??

Unless u can only afford to have one treatment only.

I don't understand y u refuse to tell readers whether u are using both or just propecia....

wongt said...

actually, if u go out jalan jalan, u will see many half balding guy which is far worst than you with a pretty chica at their side...

well, some may have $$$ some aren't , so the hair is not really a factor..

so what if a gal notice ur bald spot?
if she laugh, ask her to F#$% off!

if u want to have long term relationship, find someone who likes who you are.

Jason said...

If the readers follow from my first post, he will know I only takePropecia.

MPB_crusader said...

What the most i'll do with this type of embarassing hair:

1. Never cross infront of fans.
2. Never go to swimming anymore.
3. Comb my hair secretly.
4. Get hair cut from my wife,
never go to barber.
5. Jogging with cap.

Often when new people talk to me, i'll realize that their eyes will stare at my hair. I hate this.
This matter has limit my recent lifestyle. I used to become so active before. But never anymore with this UNDERCOVER hair style.

How sad :(


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