Monday, August 18, 2008

Weekly summary - 48th week

I met an old friend several days ago and she plans to have her wedding in October. During the conversation she regretfully told me she went to New York Skin to do face treatment as she still have some acne problems. However, after several treatment her skin became more sensitive and she stop the treatment. A damage of several thousands ringgit and buy a lesson.
Not the first victims of the notorious three in Malaysia and Singapore, Yun Nam Haircare, London Weight management and New York Skin, and won't be the last one. I am regret to tell that I am one of the victim of Yun Nam Haircare. London Weight management, New York Skin and Yun Nam haircare are from the same mother company. They all using same tactics to attract and cheat people, earn their hard earn money without giving any result guarantee. I really hope less people will get cheated by them. The law in Malaysia can not help the victim much unless you hire a lawyer to tribunal court, and you may only have a 50% chance if you are lucky.
It seems like some shedding started again this week. More frontal hair loss. Crown seems like OK in this stage. Miniature hair may be more after taking Propecia but grow into mature stage is another issue. The Problem is I have miniature hair or baby hair but it seems doesn't grow in to
mature stage. It is worried me now. I do hope to hear if any one taking propecia and tell me your condition.
May be another hair shedding is coming and cause my libido also reduce this week. I am now thinking how can Taiwanese star Jay Chow can maintain his hair for so long without taking propecia for so long. Since he also suffer MPB as well.


Kami said...

jay chou have MPB? where did u learn that from?

Jon said...

I'm 23 and i also experience hairloss since 2 years ago!!
my gf always tells me to use special shampoo etc but i told her about the Propecia and she is totally against using it because of its side effects :(

so now i've conclude myself to go bald and probably shave my head soon, since all my male cousins are bald LOL :)

Jason said...

You may give Propecia a try.
If it really affects your sex life, just quit it. As for your concern, The sides effects may occur and even it occurs, it may gone off after half year or more depends on individual.

jay said...

i just want to ask you it ur father bald? if yes , sometime, is hard to cure....


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