Sunday, December 14, 2008

Weekly summary - 65th week

What do you think of my hair condition compare with previous week? Just refer to my label of hair photos you will see all the hair photos that I took last time. Frankly I feel so terrible when I see the photos. And this is one of the reason I do not want to take my hair photos.
Did Propecia help? Or it still need more time to regrow my hair? Or try to halt my hairline reside slower? Sometimes I also feel blur. The hair loss is obviously less than before I took Propecia. But is the hair on my head more than before. I don't have an answer.
My libido is still OK. But I really feel I am not as horny like before. No kidding. Propecia may be part of the reason.
Guys, any comment of my hair condition?


khairul said...

i think your back side of your head is increasing hair.

i am using proscar, and cut it into 5 pieces, is cheaper.

Anonymous said...


Where do you buy your propecia from? Id like to buy too so would like to know where to buy from. If online, which site?


Anonymous said...

I think,the propecia just maintain the condition of your hair.Maybe you need to consider to apply another method as well.

Don Juan

Jason said...

I think my back (crown) hair is almost the same with last time. May be just the camera lightning different that you look I have more hair than previous.
I have bought Himalaya shampoo, and I will try it very soon.

Anonymous said...

hey dude, have you tried the lasercomb. its approved by FDA and clinically proven alongside propecia. I do feel like buying one. Do know anything pro/cons abt that?

khairul said...

why dont u take both pic with same method and same distance?

so u can compare it. seriously

better than guessing,

try out like set the distance same , and method same in taking pic


Anonymous said...

Where you source your proscar? Previously I bought from onlinestore and delivered to USA while i on business trip. Now I in malaysia, but i not sure what the good way to source it....

email me at ikengkai [at]

I used proscar and cut to 4 pieces, you more "skill", can cut into 5 pieces... LOL.

khairul said...

proscar, u can get from pharmacy, everywhere in msia, but some pharmacy is expensive
so need compare price.

is quite hard to cut into 5 pieces,...4 also can...


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