Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekly summary - 49th week

I want to show three types of hair falling from my head.
I will consider the first type, the hair form behind as the mature hair. These type of hair falls is normal.
Second type is in the middle which the hair is long and the size of hair also almost same with the mature hair, but if you notice, the hair look sharper and the diameter is smaller than mature hair. That means these type of hair may only grow for 6 months to 8 months and it is not a mature hair.
Third type is miniature hair or baby hair. This type of hair normally found in my frontal and crown. Smaller diameter and lighter in colour and unlikely to grow long in the length.
What worry me is I found quite some amount hair loss which is the second and third type. Will Propecia help my hair to grow into the mature stage? I really wish it did.
My hair loss is higher than last week especially crown and frontal left side. Libido is still OK and not much changes. I just hope my hair can grow stronger as I have now in Propecia medication (0.5mg) for over 11 months.


victan911 said...

i read a paper from doctor research, propecia 1mg + minoxidil 2ml per day, the result is 75% can cover back ur hairy, actually i had take 1mg propecia per day about6 month, but the result not too obvious, then 1 decide to try minoxidil 5% 2ml per day, within 4-8 week, my hair growing very well. i had asking doctor, y like that, he said, mayb i'm more suitable in minoxidil.

actually both drug also expensive.
but after survey in my pharmacy, luckly i can got cheaper 28tablets propecia 1mg ( RM150 free delivery ), minoxidil 5% ( generic brand "headway from australia 60 ml (RM 120 free delivery ).

i think after another 6 month, i will make the dose in half for both drug, to maintain my hair, and more economic.

Anonymous said...

Hey friend,
You can buy online from below link. It is much much cheaper, only USD39.99. I did order from this website several times.

Jason said...

There is no delivery outside US for Rogaine. Therefore, only minoxidil (generic) which is cheaper is suggested in the link below the header of my blog.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever considered hair transplant, considering the amount of money we're all spending on minox and propecia could total to the same?

Not sure if Malaysia has the facilities for it and I have been searching but to no avail.


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