Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekly summary - 60th week

It is the 60th week in Propecia medication and I would consider it as a milestone.
Sometimes I really feel that my fair condition has not much improve due to most unhealthy hair has dropped, my follicle in the rest cycle at the moment so I can not see new hair grow. It may be true. More importantly, I don't want to give up yet.
Last week, in a radio station, a hair consultant was interviewed. I ma not sure her comment was reflects the truth. She said, when your hair falls, you can know the condition of your hair by looking at the root of your hair. If you see there is a white thingy on the root of your hair, your follicle is consider healthy. Else, your hair should be unhealthy. Her theory is that, the white thingy is actually the nutrient of your hair.
I do find that most of my hair got this white thingy but I all thr time I thought it is my dandruff that on my scalp and when the hair falls, the dandruff is on the root of my hair. How was you guys condition?

I just add on the followers widget on my blog. Please click one it. Tell me more of your hair ocndition if you are in Propecia or fighting with baldness like me.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I am embarrassing with the hair loss crisis mainly at crown or vertex area. Recently, I have courage to initially having pill Finpecia instead of Propecia due to the price. I consume 1mg daily before getting sleep but I am worrying side effect will concern my future.. sob.. Anyway, beside drug, any shampoo or tonic can help for growing hair?? I see some forum said Himalaya brand is not bad but pricing I’m not very sure.. any idea??


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