Monday, August 11, 2008

Weekly Summary - 47th week

Perhaps for the next 2 weeks, most of us will spend most of the time following the biggest games in the world, Beijing 2008 Olympics. However, being a Malaysian and I have not subscribe Astro, depends on RTM1 and RTM 2 to watch Beijing 2008 is really a bitter experience. Only live some unpopular sports and during working hours and not during night time.
Solution, watch it online right? You are right half way. Streamyx may have block all the P2P programs that use to watch Olympics live online such as PPstream , Sopcast, TVant, PPlive as it consumes a lot of Bandwidth. It can be use for 3 days, now all are not working and lots of people complaint in some local forum. You may have to download a lot of the P2P software as some of the streaming programs are yet to blocked. Sad, it means no money no Olympics for poor Malaysian.

OK, finish complaint, back to our hair problems. Recently my hair loss has been quite consistent. However, I have lost some miniature hairs or so call baby hair. Mostly is frontal. Libido is reduce a bit, but I think it is still normal.
Have enough rest while you following Olympics day and night.


abt2bald said...

no money to subscribe astro?
doesnt matter just read news also will do. one world one dream.
if you faith to be bald then you will be bald. no one can change it. my 2 cents worth.

HelpMeHelpU said...

hey how much hair do u lose when shampooing alone?

Jason said...

you should count it overall per day how much do you lost and also did your miniature hair replace the hair that falls.
Average total hair loss 120 to 150 is normal. After taking Propecia, I am in this range.

HelpMeHelpU said...

the thing is u cant possibly keep track of the no. as u are working outside? so the only reliable source would be in the sink after shower and plus combing. That's why i ask you how did u came up with that no. thanks!


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