Monday, August 4, 2008

Weekly Summary - 46th week

It is another week. 46th week with Propecia 0.5mg medication. It is just 6 more week will complete a year of Propecia. My progress? Not very obvious.
Recently more and more people asking me about hair loss problem whether to try using herbal treatment or topical treatment first or take Propecia medicaton.
I can understand most of us will not see Propecia as the first choice even it is proven more effective due to its sides effect that most male concern, as much as their hair, the possibility of sexual desire reduced. So am I initially. I have delayed to take Propecia by wasting a lot of money in herbal treatment and believing Yun Nam Haircare and as a result my hair even worse than before.
My advice is to take Propecia as early as possible after you discovered you have Male Pattern Hair loss as it is most effective in the early stage. Don't delay as it cost you the golden chance to save your hair.
I now only can said I hope to get hair regrow. But I know the chance may not be so good. May be to delay to lose all my frontal hair is what Propecia do inside my body. You can just see my hair photo and do give your opinion.


haizz said...

hey man can check with you how much hair drop when u shampoo + combing?

abt2bold said...

hey bro..
nice writing; good info.
keep writing.

Jason said...


it is about 120 strands per day.
combing is about 10 to 20 twice a day. 40 strands hair falls while washing my hair or sometimes 60 strands. The others is considered hair loss but you unseen.


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