Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekly Summary - 45th week

This week is quite a normal week as my hair loss and libido has been normal.
Hair loss about 100 strands and the hair falls while combing and washing my hair seems OK compare with several months back.
However, I don't really feel I have regained my hair.
May be the hair grow is so slow until I can not really figure out my M shape frontal is actually improved.
There are quite some miniature hair grow in my frontal but will the hair grow stronger and falls only when it mature is another big question.
Till now, I average have about 5 strands of miniature hair falls before it actually mature. The figure may even higher as some is not noticeable.
But I still put hope of Propecia. If Propecia alone is not effective enough for hair regrowth, I may have to use Minoxidil along with Propecia.


Shawnsuke said...
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Shawnsuke said...

dude im a university student and im considering using propecia after reading your blog.

but will it affect my studies?

im worried fatigue and lack of concentration will result in decline of my studies.

Shawnsuke said...

what you think about hair genesis product? its said to block DHT all together.

Jason said...

I don't know much of Hair Genesis Product.But with softgels, shampoo, serum which is botanicals can treat Male pattern hairloss? I am not so convincing.
With teh price tag, I will use minoxidil for topical application which is much cheaper. You can see the price above my blog.
I assume you consider Genesis because of Propecia sides effect.


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