Sunday, July 27, 2008

Maybank Treats Fair and hair care centre

I received a letter from Maybank regarding TreatsFair at Mid Valley Exhibition centre on 31 July to 3 August.
Nothing special excepts ask you to spend more in this high inflation or some call it stagflation time.
You spend and get more treaspoints by using your Mastercard, Visa card or American Express during Treats fair.
But what catch my eyes is two of this promotion.
a) TrichoKare - 2 weeks hair care maintenance with 7000 treatspoints or RM 4500 treatspoints + RM 20
b) Beijing 101 Hair Crae Unique Hair experince wit 15000 treatspoints or 9500 Treatspoints + RM 40

As it seems really cheap, you may just waste your hard collected treatspoints in this trial haircare. Two weeks can do you what for your hair?
In two weeks time you can not see any improvement and thus, the so call "hair consultant"(bull shit) will ask you to subcribe a package. This package will cost you at least RM 3000 to RM 10000.
No kidding. For such a big amount of money and give you no guarantee of improvement your hair condition and plus they have no responsibility for your hair progress after you paid a big sum of treatment money.
What those consultant and hair care company like notorious Yun Nam Haircare, Svenson or Beijing 101 just concern of earning our money. Just money.
They will use all the effort to promote teh hair package, all kinds of way to frighten you about your hair loss, even you have full hair, they still said your scalp is dry or oily and you have serious dandruff that will cause hair loss one day.
Avoid this kind of haircare and avoid your hard earn money to go into such irresponsible haircare company.
For those who suffer teh male pattern hairloss, Propecia and minoxidil is still the only choice for treatment.


JT® said...

me got a hair loss abit, i go check at Huayi Hair Growth & Care.
They find that my hair is oily.
What bout ur recommendation for oily stuck my hair?

Tom Yau said...

Totally agree with you ... All the hair care center just want to make money out of us. I also posted my experience of B101 on the following blog My hair loss research

John said...

Yes, you are right. There are various fake hair loss treatment provider centers, who plays with emotions of a person. However, there are some good hair loss treatment centers also exists. But that is rare to found.

Sri K said...

Yes,all the hair care centers are only gives treatments to make money but there is no use

I have posted more posts related to hair care,

Check my blog here : Tips to control hair loss

Doctoroo said...

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