Monday, July 7, 2008

Weekly Summary - 42nd week

Anyone of my loyal reader who actually has a positive result of saving his hairline either by Propecia or Rogaine?
I am actually quite tired as my hairline actually not improve. In fact, my frontal is thinning and my M shape is more obvious. There are quite some miniature hair or baby hair, but how much they will grow, I am not sure? How long this miniature grow until it is mature?
I will stay optimistic. This is what I can do now. Even the result and some sides effect, I am still putting hope at least protect the remaining hair that I got now.
Yupe, this week just as last week. No much improvement seen. May be it may not happen ever.


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I have been your loyal reader. me as well facing the same problem, tho i started early, but the recession is getting worsen each days.

i do not think any medicine can ever cure male pattern baldness up today. it got to be something that can fine tune the gene to grow back the hair.

my brother has already losing hair since 22 , i am now 26 n i m starting.. to see the M shape. haha

actually, i understand what u felt especially when our confidence level really breaking down.. but our look does not only depend on ur HAIR alone. try to build ur body and stay healthy..

u r only concern becoz u wanna find a gf, try to relax n dont think of gf at this moment, work hard and dont worry, i saw many many fat and ugly guys having super sexy gf in kuching, why is dat, its because they hav CONFIDENCE. Girls dont like guys with NO CONFIDENCE. If no confidence how do they think we guys can protect them.

I was really down when it all started, i was wondering why the hell god do this to us, but wat to do, life goes on, n u have another probably 30 yrs to live on. why do u just think abt HAIR. I advise u to stop this BLOG and dont think too much abt ur hair. Hair is important but its not the MOST important part.

its BONUS to have a pretty gf, but it is GUD ENOUGH to have a gf that understands and care for you, even tho she is average looking gal.

Trust me... I personally admit i cant let go off my worriness on my hair, but i have already in the course. so plz do so also bro..

live ur life fulest each day cuz u may not know something worse came up compare to ur HAIR.

:: hUmbLEgUy :: said...

emm ihave a question..last comment u said" If you used Generic, combination of both will be around RM 140++ (or USD 45++)" im a student in probably i would choose the cheaper one-Generic..

so do you have any suggstion how to get it..?and based on your xperience,is it possible to get it on9..?i worry dat kastam will rampas it.. =( i think my hair loss problem is much bigger than younger than you... =(



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