Monday, June 2, 2008

Weekly summary - 37th week

As I mention last week, there are several condition after taking propecia, which condition or category you in if you are taking Propecia? I am in condition 2 or condition 3 and hope for condition 4. Please refer here if you don't know what I talk a bout.
I have some increase in libido in these two weeks and hair loss about the same with previous week. That means the hair shedding is a bit better than previous week and just a little improvement.
Hair growth still a long long way or it may never happen. Propecia only delay my hair loss instead of regain it back. There is no certainty is medicine will gain back the hair you loss. This is what the people who took it must bear in mind.
Recently there is someone leave a comment that his doctor ask him to split a 1mg Propecia to half which is 0.5mg. It is similar of what I am doing now. This is what I read from some article in internet that even a 0.2mg Propecia is not much different from 1mg and I assume a higher dosage of 0.5mg should be quite as effective as 1mg.


MightyIndividuo said...

this article may be of your interest:

As you see developments are being made in what comes to fully restore hair either on men or women.

Personally, I'm 20 and I am starting to have really few hair in the frontal area of my head. I still have enough hair to fully cover the 'damaged' area but in one year or two I will probably have an M shape like yours and my crown area will surely be afected as well...

Anyway, I put a lot of my hope on these cures that are being developed (don't have much other choice, right? :P) and, if things start to get really bad until any effective cure is available, my plan is to start on Propecia (I'm currently on Rogaine (Minoxidil)...) and eventually do some hair transplant. Fortunately it will make my 'wait' less stressful.

In what comes to my personal situation, baldness doesn't scare me to death; in fact, if no news or hopes were given by the media and most of the dermathologists i think i would have already accepted the condition and shaved hair or something... but if there's an option, i think there's no need to go on that.

Anyway, I would like to ask you if you know anything about food that can be ingested in order to help healthy hair growing. I read in a few articles that vitamins and some minerals are essential for a healthy scalp. Speaking of this, I think I'll have to 'half'-disagree when you say that nothing other than a DHT-blocker can prevent hair from stop falling: The same way bad nutrition damages hair, good and focused nutrition on the 'needs' of follicles as well as physical activity may be an extra help on stopping hair loss (but, yes, not as effective as a DHT-blocker).

Man i guess i already wrote enough. Keep posting, I want to hear news from your treatment and I hope you get results soon since I see no need on starting Viagra and stuff because low sexual motivation may only be on your head.


baka.neko said...

Hi, feel relieved to find your blog. I too am facing the similar problem as you. i'm in my mid-20s and experiencing hair loss particularly on the top of my head.

I am currently going to Yun Nam for hair treatment. yes, I had heard many stories that they are just cheaters and such. but honestly, when you are desperate, any small little hope will make u go for it. However after a few treatment, i am getting somewhat frustrated, as the consultant keep telling me that my condition is improving and that i should move on to the next treatment which requires me to pay more. As i had already signed up for 10 treatments, i am still confused whether to continue to the next level or just complete the 10 treatments and stop.

At the same time, i am actually on my second month of propecia. Really hope that it will help in some way.


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