Monday, June 9, 2008

Weekly summary - 38th week

Before I report my condition this week, I just reply two comments I received in previous post.
anks for you link regarding the cloning hair that may be a hope for bald man like us. I also hope it will be a success soon but I do think this will be very costly at least for 5 years or so. So, till now we just hope the best of Propecia.
What you have gone through now is what it happen to me in 2004. Exactly hopeless feeling with no solution. I did know of Propecia last time but I have no courage to take Propecia due to the sides effect. Yun Nam haircare will only burn your pocket and bring no results to your hair. Save your money and try Propecia and if Propecia also can not save your hair, how can those so call consultants can? Wake up. I regretted I woke up too late to realise how stupid I am. Continue your Propecia and come to my blog often to leave me a message of your progress.

I have a quite normal week which my hair loss is almost the same with last week and libido is improving compare with one month ago. However, I still worry that shedding and low libido with haunt me back.
Miniature hair or baby hair at my frontal not as strong as I think and I not putting high hope that I can recover my M shape frontal. Maintain my hair is my priority.


MightyIndividuo said...

Hi again!

After my last comment I kept wondering: haven't you ever considered hair transplant?


Anonymous said...

hi there..

i am on my 11th week on propecia..

my condition is quite similar to urs, but i think in ur case, the result seems to be much better. i do observe lots of miniature hair on do not worry. at least ur hair follicle is not dead yet haha..

I am currently going for treatment - caryn hair loss as well as taking propecia.

caryn helps to maintain my scalp health...

i do hope propecia can make wonder or either way caryn with its own formula can help.

my brother is at norwood 4-5 already..he was like that since 25-26... i am now 26 , i am at norwood 1-2,

wolf said...


Found your blog today and is my lucky day becuase i would have go to Yun Nam haircare tomorrow if didnt read your story.
Thanks for sharing your story and save people like us from being cheating by YNHC!

Anonymous said...

Hi, found you blog today.. and guess wat! i am going to try Yun Nam tomorrow!.. and i am not gonna go now lol..

anyway i am using audace Hair reactive shampoo and tonic.

well.. the bottle states "promotes hair growth and prevents falling hair" dunno how true is that.. but this is my 1st week using it.. so i dont expect to see big results.

i will update more through the comments if u all are interested to know.

Jason said...

I gald if I save you from cheating by Yun Nam Hair Care. My pleasure and is one of the aim I write this blog. Use the correct and proven method like Propecia to save our hair and not the way that will blow your pocket away.
Please update your experience for using audace shampoo. I use audace shampoo for my oily hair but not the type that fighting hair loss.
I guess Propecia still the way.

I really have no plan to do hair transplant till now. It is not easy to find on in Malaysia and the cost should be very costly. Also, you still need Propecia to maintain the hair, right? Share your experience if you like.

cr3aMreApEr said...

I am having hair fall problem so eventually browsing through the web led me here.. mayb I ask what is 'propecia' that you talked about? and are you all from Malaysia? where can I get it? coz i wanna buy too...


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