Monday, June 23, 2008

Weekly Summary - 40th week

Another milestone today. It is the 40th week I am in Propecia medication with 0.5mg dosage.
Just this evening, I went to One Utama's Watson to buy Propecia. While I wanted to pay RM 158 of one box of Propecia, the cashier told me that their one and the only one credit card machine is downed and I have to pay cash instead. Since I have only RM50 in my wallet, I ask to cancel my order.
I went to Guardian, another pharmacy which the Propecia price is higher, RM 160, ask for a prescription and unfortunately, I have no prescription with me which I normally leave it at home. No choice, need to withdraw money from ATM and back to Watson.

This week my hair loss is quite normal. About 40 ~50 strands while washing my hair. Libido is still OK. But there is no significant result after 40 weeks taking Propecia. My frontal hair is not improving if not become worse. My crown also not thicker than before. There is miniature hairs in the frontal, but normally will drops after 7 to 8 cm. It is sad to see this as the hair not growing until mature.

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Anonymous said...

Hi man,
I am same group as u, taking propecia to fight baldness. Anyway, I found you put the background song to your site and it make the loading speed super slow, hope you could remove it, since it doesn't help anything to visitors to your site.... :)


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