Monday, June 30, 2008

Weekly summary - 41st week

This week is the 41st week I am in Propecia 0.5mg. I have took the photos as a record compare with week 33 and and week 2.
By photos alone, it is hardly to judge if my hair is thicker or my miniature hair has grown healthier and longer than week 33. I would have to said there is no much different than week 33. What you guys opinion?
About sides effects of Propecia, I feel my libido has back to normal in recent week. Hair loss is about the same, which I think is normal of 120 strands or less per day.
I think until now Propecia at least has halt the hair loss slower. It is definatley better than doing treatment is Yun Nam hair care (a total cheater) or Beijing 101or even Svenson Hair care. I would suggest you to visit dermatologist for advise if you have hair loss problem and if you are confirmed suffered from MPB, then Propecia is the current best treatment. Of course, Minoxidil (Rogaine) is another option. Personally, I still have more confident for Propecia comapre with Minoxidil.

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wan said...

bro.. its really pleasure to read ur blog about hair loss since it also happening to me.. sigh~

From what i saw, im sure u have a lot experience on hair loss products.

I just knew about HairPro spray thingy... have u try before? Can u do a review about it if u had tried it once? Hope u can help me out since i dont want to waste my money on useless product. huhu~ thanx~


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