Monday, May 26, 2008

Weekly Summary - 36th week

My libido start improved in this 2 weeks. It is a positive sign. However, the hair loss maintain this week. Not too much of improvement.
I always believe the reduce of my hair loss not really will mean that I will gain more hair. The condition may be
1. hair loss reduce, but no hair growth as well. Propecia only delay the process of baldness.
2. hair loss reduce, and hair growth at a rate that less then hair loss. Propecia delay the baldness process in a degree slower than condition 1.
3. hair loss reduce, and hair growth at a rate same as hair loss. Propecia sustain the hair that you have now but not actually let you grow more hair.
4. hair loss reduce, and hair growth with a rate more than hair loss. Ideal condition of Propecia actually let you to gain back your hair.
5. hair loss never reduce. A total failure of Propecia.

Obviously all of us that taking Propecia is hoping for condition 4 but in actual how many of us have achieved that? I doubt not over 10%. If you can get condition 3, you should glad of the results.
I hope more people can share their Propecia result here by leaving a comment。 Ya, by using nickname please instead of anonymous.


Anonymous said...

Hi, mate. I just get propecia and told by my doctor to take half tablet daily. However, i notice that 1mg proprcia is too small to be divided into half, so i am wandering how did you do that?

Jason said...

Pal, please leave your nickname next time.
Buy a pill splitter at pharmacy shop will do.
Why your doctor suggest you to take half dosage of Propecia?
If you need a pill splitter photo, I can upload mine next time.

ali said...

how much??
is it very effective??
my M shape is too many..
i mean,macam orang tua pon ade..huhu..
gimme advise to use it..


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