Monday, May 5, 2008

Weekly summary - 33th week

I have bought myself Nikon S210s digital camera at Sungai Wang Plaza yesterday. I eagerly want to shoot my hair progress after 33th week as compare with the 2nd week photos at the bottom of my hairloss blog.
Forgive me as I not yet master my Nikon DC, as the photos or pictures you see may not be the best quality. But I have tried my best to focus my hair so that you can compare teh previous photos.
I personally think there is not much different of my crown. The hair seem likes no different with the previous 2nd week. The fontal right side seems like more miniature hair grows. However, I am not so certain as well as it may be due to the DC settings. I can not compare the left side of frontal as there is no previous photo. But as you can see, the condition not looking good.
What you guys think my hair condition?
This week my hair continue shedding and it has been almost 1 month. Libido seems lower than before. It really sucks for me.

Picture 1: frontal (right)

Picture 2 : crown

Picture 3: frontal (left)


drkdude said...

should you call this a no progress in fighting MPB?

i'm sorry for you, but looks like the propecia does not give you a determine result compare to others.

maybe you should increase the dosage to 1 pill instead of 1/2?

good luck to you! if things doesn't work out to your desire, you can always go for full bald, some women do find bald man sexy :)

Anonymous said...

hi there man,

I am also goin through the same passage you are goin through since last chinese new yr. i am currently still on first stage of hair diffusion.

I hav been on propecia for 6 weeks now, and it stops my hair loss, i dont see as much hair drops compare to before. i dont see any hair on my palm when shampooing.

i was wondering how much u lost per day? becoz u hav to understand we lost 100 hairs per day.

Jason said...

I do lost around 100 to 120 strands of hair on a normal day.
However, even the hair loss rate is normal, propecia did not guarantee any regrowth of your hair. SO it just mean it slow down the hair loss rate. May be from losing 150 per day to a 120 per day.
I am not so convince I will get back my hair. I have losing miniature hair which is grown about 3 inch length. It may mean the miniature hair is not strong enough.

Anonymous said...

how do u know u lost 100-120 strands?

when u comb and shower?

i lost 20-30 hair after shower and take bath..and combing..

i am also rising on my edges..worried..but propecia is the only chance,

try to forget abt ur hair for a while la and start ur life, i ws depressed also but wad de heck, we r at our prime age and we juz care abt our hair??

Anonymous said...

man i just can't understand how no one has invented a cure for baldness yet...

Anonymous said...

even if there was a cure..they wudnt release it..there's more money in containment than cure..


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