Monday, May 19, 2008

Weekly summary - 35th week

This week my hair loss not much changes. The shedding is a bit improve compare with last week.
The libido come back a bit tis week. A positive sign for this week butI don't know how long this condition will last. Just I pray for the best.
For Malaysian that come to me and ask how to check their hair condition, I will suggest you to check at
This website has all the clinics in Malaysia that will provided professional hair checking. Well, I mean professional. Not those Yun Nam Haircare, Beijing 101 or Svenson hair care that claim they are professional in hair treatment. Bullshit!! I have to reiterate that this haircare will only cheat you guys money. Male pattern Hairloss (MPB) is no way can be treated with herbal or any topical treatment without medical that control the hormone DHT in the body. I don't even think they can improve the condition for female baldness or hairloss as well.
Guys, Propecia may not the best solution but this is the only way until now, to control your hairloss, while hoping for hair regrowth.


andre said...

i think the problem is you have to take 1 mg propecia not 0.5 mg
i have same problem with yours
and after i take propecia 1 mg constanly for 6 month my hair is seem better and better.
but, after i stop taking propecia, the hair will be lost again.
So, try 1 mg propecia...

drkdude said...


so you saying that you cannot stop taking propecia to prevent the hair from falling again?

Jason said...

Propecia stop working when you stop taking it. The hair you gain is very likely to lose it back.

I have read 0.2mg is almost as effective as 1mg Propecia. I want to try lower dosage so that I can always in crease my dosage if it is not effective. Of course, to save some money with half of the normal dosage also one of it.


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