Monday, May 12, 2008

Weekly summary - 34th week

It is almost 8 months I have been taking 0.5mg Propecia.
The shedding of my hair has slightly improved this week. The hair loss seem back to under controlled.
Last week I have posted my photos after 33rd week on Propecia. I also receive some comments that my hair not really grows. I have to agree with that. I don't think my hair make a good progress either under this stage. Miniature hair in my frontal not that strong and quite some hair falls while I wash my hair.
Someone has asked how many hair I loss per day and how I calculate it. I give you some idea. I loss around 50 to 60 while washing my hair. I loss about 10 to 15 while I comb my hair. During normal days, I usually find myself drops 5 to 10 on my working table. If there is about 20% more hair that I unnoticed when it drops, then it come out around 100 to 120 strands per day.
Anyway, my libido seems getting lower and lower. Sigh!


Dann said...

Hi Jason, may I know where you go for hair scan and diagnosis? I don't want to go to hair centers like Yun Nam, Svenson, etc. I want neutral doctors who can do professional diagnosis and tell me the reason for thinning hair, whether it is dandruff, oily scalp, genes, or whatever. Thanks a lot, man.

Jason said...

Do your diagnosis in any of the clinics will do.
Or you can search here

dann said...

Any clinics? Don't need dermatologists or whatever? Normal GP have the equipment to scan the scalp?

Any email or something where I can contact you directly?

Thanks bro.


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