Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekly summary - 32th week

I really envy those who have full of hair. Why I am not the one?Why I am the one who suffer this Male Pattern Baldness?
I have suffered shedding in recent weeks and I did not stop this week either.
I also said in previous week my frontal has grown miniature or baby hair. It is. But I also noticed my frontal become more M shape. Contradict?No. The spot that used to have more hair (inner) has lesser hair now. The spot that have almost not hair (frontal) has a bit more hair now.
Some people has recommend minoxidial (Rogaine). The feedback for those who has used it for quite some time actually not so convincing. You should know this drug is not created for hairloss initially.


vetzkov said...

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Anonymous said...

i'm malaysian too.. age just like you.. suffered hair lost since 22.. now i'm 29.. i've use propecia almost about 2 years but with no happy ending.. i'm still using it bcoz still not come across a better medication for it..


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