Monday, December 31, 2007

Weekly summary - 15th week and Happy New Year

Happy New year.
One of my resolution is less sides effect and more results after I taking Propecia 0.5mg.
My hair loss seem to improve a bit. My hair loss is less when I wash or comb my hair, but I notice that the small hair especially fontal hair is continue to fall. I am quite worry of this.
My libido is still the same. It never increase in this one month plus. I am thinking how to increase my libido now.
I will continue update my news.....see you guys next year


Anonymous said...

Hi jason...

its a good thing you setup this blog, not only to show how the propecia effect to your hair growth rate, but also to expose the scam Yun Nam haircare do to all the victim.

after reading your blog i become self aware with this men's problem..

thanks again for setting up this blog..and i do wish that the fighting you endure now will resulting in a something that you desire..

good luck! will read your blog often!


don juan said...

Hi and happy new year
I found your site you have fighting hair lose problem since 10 years ago.I first thought about yun nam but found it is too expensive for me..and after read your option for yun nam is totally out.

so good luck for you.I m now using henna herb for my hair(cheaper one).

Jason said...

Thanks guys...
don juan
I have hair loss lon time ago but only fight it in 4 yrs ago and with Yun Nam which is total a scam.
I am using Propecia now and I really hope more Malaysian realize that prepare yourself to face the sides effect if you want to use Propecia which is a better option comapre Yun Nam

Anonymous said...

Your blog is cool!
Keep us posted about your results!


Propecia UK said...


Nice blog enjoyed your article propecia


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