Monday, December 24, 2007

Weekly summary - 14th week and Xmas wishes

It is Christmas eve. Though I am not a Chrsitian, Xmas eve and Xmas has been two of the most special days very year to me.
Almost every year, I would wish myself having a romantic Christmas eve dinner with love one. Yet, it never happen..for at least 7 years in a row. For 7 years in a row, I have been alone at home and this year, I am writing this blog now.
This week, about 3 months and one week I started taking Propecia 0.5mg. I hope to regain my hair expecially frontal part. Yet, I can not visibly see any obvious improvement. Hair loss is not consistent as some times is alot but sometimes is lesser. Sides effects of dercrease of libido is quite significant. Sometimes, sexy girl in the shopping complex also can not arouse me. Too bad. Till now, this is the sacrifice that I still want to bear and continue with propecia.
SO my wishes for this Christmas
1. met a wonderful girl soon
I hope I no need to be embarrrsed with my thinning hair. I have full of confident to court a girl I truely love. First of all,I must get to know more girls and widen my social circle.
2. regrow my hair
Regrow my hair in frontal and crown. The hair become stonger than ever.
3. Carreer path
My career path ahve been a lot of obstacles. I hope there is chnages happen after so many effort. I just want to have some luck and have a chance. To do what I like and shine.
4. blog
I wish my blog will get better response and more poeple that has hair problem will consider Propecia and understand the sides effect they will face.

Till then I wish you Merry Xmas. You can listen some Xmas song at my music playlist one your right.


balder said...

Good blog i experienced same thing trying to regrow hair

Propecia UK said...


Nice blog enjoyed your article propecia


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