Saturday, January 5, 2008

Yun Nam Hair Care --- the scam in Malaysia continue

You may have notice I have a sponsor link Nuffnang in my blog. There is a system in Nuffnang that alllow me to trace the keywords the readers search that led them to my blog. No surprise for me, it is Yun Nam haircare related search is 7 out of the Top 10 keywords search. It include, Yun Nam haircare in Malaysia, Yun Nam haircare complaints, Yun Nam haircare white hair, Yun Nam hairloss treatment cost, Yun Nam hair Package, Yun Nam Singapore and Yun Nam.
The searching is due to two articles that I wrote regarding of Yun Nam scam my money. You can right click the two articles here (Yun Nam scam 1 and Yun Nam scam 2)
Malaysian and Singaporean should be very familiar with Yun Nam haircare. They have all sort of advertising promotion through media from newspapers to TV programmes. Previously it is only famous (famous not meaning it is good) among Chinese. But since they have TV programmes (in NTV7, 8Tv and TV3), even Malay and Indian have get to know Yun Nam which I believe the searching in Google and Yahoo that led to my blog is increasing recently.
One of the objective I set up this blog is sharing my battle to fight Male Pattern Hairloss with 0.5mg Propecia and I hope people who suffer hairloss, who are looking some solution will not fall into a trap like Yun Nam haircare which not only waste the precious money but also the precious time to save your hair!(Yun Nam scam 1 and Yun Nam scam 2)
I am one of the victim of Yun Nma haircare which I started the treatment in Damansara Uptown in 2004. The branch has now moved to The Curve in Mutiara Damansara. It has totally no results and I have spent 3 years of treatment.
Yes...3 years and totally no result and that why I finally start taking Propecia inspite some sides effects.
I am not the only victims of Yun Nma haircare and I believe there are thousands of victims alone in Malaysia. Well, you may ask if there are so many victims, why The Star, New Straits Times (NST), Berita Harian or Sin Chew Jit Poh never report the Yun Nam scam news? We just open our newspaper and you will know how much Yun Nam spend on advertisement on the printed media alone. The dailes will lose a big and long term customer if they disclosed the truth of Yun Nam. I am here to tell the truth. I hope you and the others will know Yun Nam is totally a scam and their style of doing business is pursuade you to sign up a high value package with they have no responsibility to show you the treatment results. They don't care as long as you let them earn money, as long as you let the consultant to earn commissions.
I am worried with the more agrresive advertisement campaign like 2 trials at RM 28.80 and Free haircare kits will lure more and more people cheated by them. I wrote this article so that less people cheated and also disgree the company shun the responsible to the customer. Imagine you paid RM 7-8k and no results is guarantee, no money return back....nothing at all. So if you read this, please send my link to your friends as the more people knows how Yun Nam doing their business and less people getting cheated.
For Yun Nam victims, you can post a comment or your email as I know there are people has preapre to file a lawsuit against them.


k0k s3n w4i said...

my ex girlfriend near 50 000 (or more now) just to do something to her thinning hair. Needless to say, the progress is quite invisible

Anonymous said...

I am a female and I'm doing my treatment at yun nam now. I have serious hair problem so Yun Nam really attracted me to go give it a try. Is it true that Yun Nam gives no result? I'm not from a wealthy family and I can't afford doing so many treatments. I feel really upset everytime I look into the mirror. Yun Nam really scam?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Yun Nam is just bunch of shit, I have a treatment there for 6 months, and it never show any improvement...

vic said...

Halo, Jason,

Please see my information regarding scam of Yun Nam Hair care in

there are also many negative posts regarding Yun nam.

1) Yun Nam Hair care
2) London weigh loss management
3) New York Skin care

Are from a company called Euro group singapore.

We need to be united to get our hard earned money back,

I had been cheated for RM 9,588.00
only partially refund RM 1,588 under pressure of TTPM (Tribunal court).

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,

Is 101 hair care and Svensson also the same? I mean in term of hair grow.

Ric 10 said...

Hi! I'm actually doing my treatment in Tricokare which the course is almost complete. I have spent RM 9K for 20 times course and I didn't really see any visible growth in my hair. Feel like really has been cheated....

Anonymous said...

hello there..

i;m also suffer from baldness since 2005 and now i'm using coconut oil..
the first time i discover my hair problem, without thinking i went to Yun Nam at Sg wang with my sister. and then a girl take me to the room and check my hair scalp and my sister scalp also... she said that i'm suffering this type of baldness --> M shape. my sister dont have any serious dandruff but the girl said my sister have and she pushed us to take the package worth rm1.8k ..and i said i dont have that much amount of money...after tired of pushing me...she asked her Fat Ugly Female Supervisor ( like eddie murphy in big momma house) to lecture me into another room while my sister go out to the toilet.. then the Fat Lady push me push me to take the package and ask me to use all my PTPTN money....and then i said no and i just say thanks and get out of there without looking all the shitty face in Yun Name hair care.. i think Yun Name hair care fulls of sickenin people that hungry for moneyy...dats all..

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,
It is true that Yun Nam Hair Care at Curve does not provide results.
I was with them since at Damansara Uptown to now Curve(solid three years-my number was 18XX).
Everytime they give the same dialog, your hair has been damage more than 1 year. Hair growth is around 0.33 cm per month. All our product was herbs. We have another package cheap RM 7,500 for you only. See you do have baby hair, it is waste.....
So one after another package, from normal to fast growing(RM 10K), no result.
When I wanted stop continuing my treatement. You know what happen?
Even I have left 25 more hair treatment, they don't want to return my money and also treat me like dirt.
For example, everytime I go Curve Yu Nam, they will say too many people, come back later, even you have book your time. And to the extend, a worker there said no one want to do your hair anymore!!?

Yours Truthly,
Dissapointed Customer.

Propecia UK said...


Nice blog enjoyed your article propecia

Anonymous said...

Hi all,
when i almost finish my treatment they start to push me sign another package but i refuse..and then another girl join in and push me,so i just say,why you wanna keep asking me to sign up some NO RESULT treatment? you think i am "water fish"ah??
when i found out no result i just stop buying their stupid expensive shampoo,medicine,lotion from CHINA
And Please everyone,if you got hair or scalp promblem just go find DOCTOR!!!
anything we can do to prevent all those ppl to lose their money? like print flyer,etc,,coz there still alots of ppl that don't use computer..

pleasehelp said...

Just want to ask something,

I went to this bloody Yun Nam yesterday.
Like everyone, they forced me to use their product which was so freaking expensive.

I said no but they kept trying to 'seduce' me. But still I said no.

But they've already taken the copy of my IC during the registration and before I took off I signed something(which stupidly I didnt read because I just wanted to get out from that hell).
Fortunately I didn't give them my account number or credit card number etc (but I told them which bank). They just have the copy of my IC and I signed something.

Plus, I didn't pay them anything.
I went to the bank today and that guy suggested me to lodge a police report - which I will do it later.

But is this situation bad?I'm so freaking scared and very regret to go there in the first place.

Please give me some advice.


Jason said...

To pleasehelp
I think you are safe, since the most they will call you up again and push you their bloody package to earn your money. Just ignore them. But if the agreement you signed is agree to buy their bloody package, you may still argue that you were not told so.

To disappointed customer,
my condition is very similar with yours. Indeed, I am from the same branch, Uptown and then to the Curve. Tell you my number is a famous Jeans series.

pleasehelp said...

Thanks Jason - I feel better now.

But still I will lodge a police report tomorrow - just as a precaution afraid they will misuse the copy of my IC.

Anyway, I called my so-called consultant (yucks!) today which I have a strong feeling that the girl only finished her Form 5 (or didn't finish her primary/secondary school at all) since her English was atrocious and her general knowledge was very very very bad. (I said Technical Executive and she thought it was same with Technician).

So I called her and made up things by saying that I was interested to join and asked her a few questions. Later I asked her what was the form that I signed yesterday was all about.

She said that I didn't sign anything (liar!) but later her memories came back and she said it just because I went through the treatment and because I received their samples of shampoo, conditioner etc.

She also said that if I get the treatment again, still I have to sign the form again. Is it true? or she cheated me again.

(I signed 2 things yesterday to be precise - One was a card and another one was a form)

Anonymous said...

I went two times to Yun Nam, i have tried the treatment and from my experience its very stink in smell and the smell last for few days on my hair. It was so embarassing in front of my colleague and public.

Later on after that, they started to promote me the costly treatment (thousands). Luckily i never afford that much of money so i never paid them,then they started asking for my credit card number and i never gave em'. I refused too. All those chicks surrounds me and keep forcing me to take the treatment.
I gave them my last word"I dont Have Money!" and walk out the door.

All the faces really shows their hunger for money. Really..i tell you.And they keep calling me on the phone...shit!

One year after that, they gave me a call asking me to take the treatment.Those chicks knows nothing about hair loss but acting very much. I asked her, "what do you know about DHT", and all her answer is rubbish! i reply" You just talk shit to peoples and steal their money, what in the world bla..bla.@#$%^^&&%^!

Summary: I hate Yun Nam and those bunch of liars!

Anonymous said...

yep YUNNAM rili help NTH.
my ma ald spent around 2K[sgp $]
for around 2 package of treatment(around 20session if i not wrong?]
but it has no effect at all!
she rili regret goin there
lik dumpin ur money awae lik tt.
no effect at all.
THIS YUNNAM thingy had made my ma loss hope in growin her hair
although much persuasion given by me
she said her bald no hope ald):!!

Anonymous said...

Pls do notttttttttttttt recomand anyone to yun nam /101 or any other , no use at all..........i spent 7k already on yun nam and decide to stop even if I've been cheated..........yes, the centre is now in the curve!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks 4 all ur comment. Actually i want to try Yun Nam but i go to seek some comment from others (especially from internet or blog) and i was surprise that a lots of comment give bad impression on Yun Nam. i was surprise that the cost to do treatment there was so expansive. thanks 4 all ur sharing..thanks God that i go check some and do some research before i "blindly" go there. surely i will tell my friends about this.

bkcollection said...

I am a victim as u all.
I am in Yun Nam branch in Damansara Utama but then move to The Curve.
My consultant name is Janet who is already a Manager that posted in Sg Wang (She may move to another branch as Yun Nam like to move their staffs around).

Anonymous said...

Hi! my brother also just came back from yun nam. Thanks God he only paid RM50 and promise to pay the balance by tomorrow. Likely he called me up and here I am surfing this blog.
Thank you so much for all of your comments and now I can advise my brother on this matter.
By the way, can you all please share with us any other treatment for hair losses?

june said...

I am from Singapore. yun nam is really scam? then how about BeiJing 101? I would turn to BeiJing 101 if yun nam is really a scam... but their website and the media programmes seem to be attractive and convincing to me. see their website~ all done up nicely


beijing 101 even use media artise to advertise for them...
i am a female suffering from hair loss, propecia only meant to use by men right?

Anonymous said...

hi.. anyone have a better solution for their hair falls? pls let me have some tips or advise... thank you... eddry here

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

first of all, i would like to thanks the author for sharing with us his experience and the 'true face' of yun nam haircare...

i feel grateful that i did some research before going to yun nam for their attractive promotions..if not i'll regret for the rest of my life...

i'm suffer from baldness..mediterrean i guess..have M shape baldness on the top of my hair...

i'm only 21 yrs old and suffered from baldness from the age of 19...

is Propecia the best option for me????


Anonymous said...

what the hell....i m cheated.. i already paid about rm 600 and they gave a package worth 1500 and push me to take it. Moreover my relative told me that the yun nam treatment is working and after a month using it there is no improvement...regreting now......Thanx 4 alerting me.. atleast i save 900 ringgit, thanx...

Anonymous said...

hi there.
i also having hair problem and to your info i went to yum nam hair centre and was cheated.I was dissapointed cause i use the money for my studies to threat my hair problem. After i discovered i have hair problem i start to use a lot of syampoos but non seem to work and did research on my own about the products,articles, and so on but what i found out that non of the things seem to help me overcome my prob. I m nt sure about Propecia and i dont want to get to know also. I think the solution is just ignore it.

Anonymous said...

Dear all,

I have the same bad experience just recently. I was only there for the so-called 'free trial treatment' & hair scan basically but ended up paying RM50 on deposit (I just wanted to get the hell out of there! Cannot tahan the persuation already...) I also signed blindly on several piece of forms which I didn't read beforehand and now I regretted it.

I wonder, should I lodge a complaint on

Shouldn't we all lodge a complaint against these blood-sucking leeches?

kevin said...

Dear all victims /potential victims

Should have done more research before going to these hair care centres that claim to regrow your hair. Here's what I have gathered so far pertaining to hair loss remedy. To date, there are only two medically proven effective solution to SLOW hair loss but NOT REGROW your hair - > 1) Rogaine that contains Minoxidil and some ppl have already mentioned in this blog, 2) Propecia (only for men). Rogaine is now only available for sale or off the shelve in the US and Canada but can be purchased online through ebay and Propecia can be bought from pharmacists. Both medicine however, must be applied/taken lifetime or else the original hair loss conditions prior to taking them may be reverted in no time. All efforts will go wasted. Be warned that some ppl taking Propecia pills may experience some side effects namely sexual impotent. I personally have some residing hairline now at the age of just 30 and given all the Yun Nam kind of scams being shared here I might just try my luck taking some risks of not being able to fuck more often like before because hair to me is equally important. Another unfortunate fact is that both medicine will not help much for ppl suffering residing hairline or M shaped. Still, I am just going to take the pills rather than burning my money for Yun Nam for nothing. And if it does not work then I will just have to accept the reality and shave all my hair. Having frontal and crown baldness would just make me look like a fucking vulture.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Yun Nam/ London WM/ NY Skin is a scam - all the beauty consultants are bimboo with shallow knowledge about hair/ fat/ skin condition.

Dont ever sign up any course! Say NO NO NO NO NO to them. Get the free trial and CABUT!

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

izit yun nam hair care realy cheat pll?? i m the customer since pass 1 years...i spend around 13k d....but now my hair have result...

Anonymous said...

To the last 'Anonymous',

Could you please be more details and specific as to what result you are seeing after the treatment?

I only see more hair loss after each treatment at Yun Nam.


Anonymous said...

i'm a existing customer of yunnam haircare in sg . i am facing a dandruff problem for years. but after i received treatment from yunnam my dandruff problem is cure. this my experience that i wan to share.

Anonymous said...

hey y'all

I was a yun nam victim too..losing (fortunately) RM700. i was suffering from thinning hair since uni days, but it got worse after gave birth last year.

i first went for the RM18 trial. then when they were putting the herbs on my hair and wrapping up my head with plastic they made me go into the consultant room to force me to sign up. it was really humilating walking around the shop with the plastic turban on ur head, and people staring at u.

they laid down the price..initial package is RM5,000! my husband force them for guaranteed results, they refused! we finally manage to convince then that we were poor, no money, so many hutang keliling pinggang...(they were really really pushy, practically bullying me to sign up!) so they said, ok la, we give u 5 treatments and products, for RM700. i was so desperate, i agreed.

so started my treatment, NO effect at all! in fact, my hair kept falling faster than they used to be using their shampoo. everytime i went for the treatment they force me to sign up, buy pills which cost RM500 per bottle i think. crazy! the thing with yun nam is 1 treatment is never good enough, u must try ALL for the reat of ur life! they will say, oh the other one only to do this..clean on surface only, u must eat pill to maintain. then they'll throw another item and said if x use all no use. might as well u give me ALL products and lay down the price rite?

so u can imagine that if i want thick hair, no more hair loss i must spend thousands for until i die!

i chatted with the existing customers..they agreed..they spent around RM10k, but no hair growth also! but they still go because of false hopes and desperate (like i said, the staff there are very very persistent, and they have really thick healthy long hair..). they all rich, got so much money to spend, can la...

so yes, i agree that YUN NAM IS A SCAM!!! if you have so much money lying around and x know what to do with it, better donate to me rather than throwing at them!

p/s: when they force to buy the pills and all and i just kept quiet and shake my head slowly they sort of gave up..and the lady said, actually if u take this pill it doesnt make ur hair thick.. a bit of growth only.. HA! c?? even they have doubts and they know it doesnt work!!!

Anonymous said...

Spent RM32,000 for female hairloss problem.
Slightly different from the above, I could see some result. I signed up package after package because each has different purpose. As soon as I finished a package the problem returned. Then they pushed more treatment.
When progress was good, they took credit of their product and treatment. When problems returned, they blamed your lifestyle and of course you needed more treatment $$$.
The so called result you may 'see' is not entirely true but also not fabricated.
What I learned could help is - sleep well, keep your scalp clean, manage stress of work or life, watch what you eat and how your body respond to it. It may not solve your problem but could at least save you some money. Have faith.

Anonymous said...

I signed for Yun Nam package for a year now and regretted for that. I went to the outlet in Jusco Bandar Perda. Spent almost RM12k , one after another package , after been coaxed by so-called professional consultants - really good in manipulating your hair problem to get you sign-up to their package. F**k them ..and I'm going to destroy their scam... Knew lots of their customer , will forward this website to them.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I have been having hair loss for more than 20 years. Was so tempted to try yun nam but luckily I did not. I went to Dr Ranjit Singh in SS15, Subang Jaya and my hair loss is under control n baldness is not so visible after taking biotin n zinc on a daily basis n is definitely much cheaper than any hair loss centres. I see results after 6 months.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Cik Syida Pinky! said...

Hye All..
Thank you so much for sharing this valuable info. Why this matter never reveals in newpapers?. I have suffered bad acne since I have my 3rd baby. Doc said probably due to hormone. I have give up using thid and that product and decided to try NYSS. The advert in TV3 really attractive and I already willing to give up my life saving money.. My hubby disagree and suggest Dermatologist instead. He suggest I check on the internet on the NYSS feedbacks & I was so lucky to find this site. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! May GOD Bless your good Deeds!! And now I realize again why I love my Hubby..He's so wise!!hehehe tq again and again everybody!

Anonymous said...

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Eric Ho said...

Thanks Jason for your sharing, realy appreciated it.
Anyway i've hair loss problem too, i've go to yun nam b4, & yes...they really bloody , freaking expensive package(which they called offer price ady)~ cost RM7500 for 20 times treatment & product.
They just keep pushing me to buying the product like a hell, i said no m...oney, they keep asking me to use installment la dad credit card la...& wanna follow me to take the only left money in ATM crd la...bla bla bla... really money face>.<
Finally i got escape...& i wanna giv advice for those ppl who want go for Yun Nam~ you really need a huge amount of money for that invisible result treatment!!!
Now i start use propecia & minoxidil 5% abt 2 weeks....
So far not seeing any improve yet...
Probably i need to check with dermatologist to see whether got MPB first?

Edna said...

Yun Nam is sucks!
Cheated my money as well! This happen to Sigapore branch, so be aware. They'll force you to make full payment and give lots of stupid reason to make you sign up. After i sign up then only i get to know they're idiot who playing fool of customer by telling them how serious your condititon is. After they get your $$ case close! There's no follow up at all. 5 treatment cost me at S$2050. Really cheated by them. Don't ever sign up with YUN NAM, all the free gift and treatment are cheat cheat cheat

Anonymous said...

Don't go to New York Skin care is a scam too. This happened to my sister, she lost RM5000++ and her skin is getting bad to worst. They did not want to refund her money and the service is terrible. Is there anything we can do about it??
The center I mentioned is at Bukit Mertajam, Penang. The person in charge is Ms. Joyee. If anyone know her..pls tell her Fxxx!

online generic viagra for men said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi all!

Anyone experience with HairCare 101 (Malaysia) or Beijing 101 (Singapore)?
Are they scam too?

Last time I bought the RM18 coupon for one treatment cost RM350 (they claimed) and one sample set consist of shampoo, conditioner and tonic.
I went for the free treatment at Midvalley center and the approach was same.

You'll be bring by pretty 'consultant' to the room, check up your hair, etc ending up she take my credit card and swipe for one set of take home product cost RM383. After that I received my free treatment.

I used for one month everyday.. I think it can last for 3 months.

I observed the scam was the treatment which they really jacked up the price. Actually they use the same product with the one that you bring home and can do it yourself!

If you pay the expensive treatment and they shampoo your overall body it's different story. haha. besides, it's their tactic to hire pretty chics.

Back to my first question.

Anyone experience with HairCare 101 (Malaysia) or Beijing 101 (Singapore)?
Are they scam too?

I need your sharing to decide whether i need to spend to buy their take home product or not. I get free treatment each time buying the product.

My conclusion is, say no paying for treatment but ask free treatment after paying for the product.



Anonymous said...

suckk la u evil yun nam and 101hair care..
suckk la u evil yun nam and 101hair care..
suckk la u evil yun nam and 101hair care..
suckk la u evil yun nam and 101hair care..

this evil pusat cheated my 5000 sum thing money ,,fuck u la suck pusat ..
they will say somthing like baby hair got growth and scalp turn normal ,at the end u find ur hair not grow well ..this suck pusat at the end will ask u to wear fake hair ...suck u evil 101 hair care

don try to believe the advertisement of 101 haircare and yun nam on ntv 7 and 8 tv and newspaper ,,all they wearing fake hair ,damm suck la tis 101 and yun nam ...fuck u

if u got hair loss ,,juz don be stress and find a skin specialist doctor and use good shampoo to help u , try biotin(vitamin b6 ) as supplement ,, and i get a better result rather than u going to tis suck pusat hair care ....

suckk la u evil yun nam and 101hair care..
suckk la u evil yun nam and 101hair care..

i hate u suck 101 and yun nam ...
i hate u suck 101 and yun nam ...

Anonymous said...

i have done my treatment at yun nam hair care at sg wang,and the result from what i see is hair grow,,,i dont know why all of you get negative result from the treatment.xoxo

Anonymous said...

hi guys,

I was so unfortunate to spend RM5k+ at 101 hair care... I was suffering from severe dandruff problem which lead to hair loss...

101HC provide me with 4 boxes of hair tonics (which contain around 20+ mini bottles- forgot already). They claimed that each different boxes have different effects (good effects of course such as kill bacteria, improve blood circulation, etc).But, surprisingly when I checked the ingredients, it is just the same for all the boxes - the different is just water and ethanol content percentage.. or in another words it just a concentration difference btw boxes. So, that's why they are just cheating us. Not to mention about the service given.

Now, I'm "manually" fighting my problem, by using Selsun Blue shampoo (for dandruff, as 101 hair shampoo seem doesn't work for me), Vit supplement (for hair growth and health)and green tea (natural DHT blocker) ... and I think I feel better now (at least than when undergone 101HC "treatment")...

p/s: I also got a friend who was conned RM3k++ by Yun Nam...

Alan C. said...

i should have read this post a week earlier. i feel so stupid now that my 2.5k has gone down the drain....

Herbal Hair Care said...

Do you know there is an excellent herb that combats the problem of

Mrs Lee said...

It's a blessing that I came across your site; otherwise I would've gone to Yun Nam for help. I am a woman and my hair is thinning at the top, since college. I cannot be a botak girl. No way, man. :'( This week, I will be going to the hair and skin clinic in SS15, Subang Jaya - I hope they can help me.

Cera Penang said...

I was curious about Yun Nam and NYSS at an exhibition. They were promoting coupons that were RM 10 for Yun Nam treatment and RM 28 for NYSS treatment. I went for both.

When making the appointment, they were polite, telling you the amount of time for the treatments. However, they never include the time for pestering and pushing you to take up their package. I wasted 4-5 hours each visit at their centres in Penang Gurney plaza, and they never keep to the time until I was late to fetch my son from school... Beware, they won't let you go until you lose some money there. In the end, I paid RM 550 for a collagen treament, and RM 230 for an eye treatment. Only a time time deal. I also reluctantly parted with RM 500 as a deposit for the eye treatment with plans to covert the payment for products to use at home. Otherwise, I felt that I am held captive in their consultation room.

I was with Beijing 101 for one full package of RM 2K+. Scam or not, I don't know. But, I do know that they never reveal the prices of their packages and you get more things if you are good at bargaining, and the results are quite temporal. The moment you stop, the hair starts to drop.

Anonymous said...

if only i had known this..

i was getting married & need treatment for my hairfall. so i went to YN. at first they treated me well, giving info about my hair & course of treatment. i took a package worth 4k. i thot that was it. but each time i went my session, my therapist collect hair in the sink & take me to 'da consultation room'... where she aggressively push me to take more & more package.. i feel so disgusted & ill-treated.. thot i would get a first class treatment for the expensive course of treatment.. the last time i went in, when the therapist cannot push me to spend, her senior went in, then her super senior or the specialist came in... allegedly came from KL. all of them pushing me & ask " berapa mau bayar?" like an ah long.. i cannot escape coz i have a towel on my head & they were all around me in that small 'consultation room'..

i spent about 12k-15k at YN for 25 sessions, only went for 7 sessions coz i had enough... i'd feel dumb if i go there.

thinking about refund or tribunal..
but i think got slim chance to get my money back. hope to know how people fight back, coz its customer's right...

tv3 should not advertise on this business let alone make a health-care episodes about them.. coz its not transparent & not showing the truth about that service & its product.. the feedback from customer also seem so 'plastic' and not honest.. all about money.

..YN eats from others plight & sorrown.

Anonymous said...

i also went to yun nam they force me to signup...i refuse...they keep on forcing me...they give me their account number and ask me to bank the cash..i just took the account number and cabut...the package cost about i mad to spend 6k for hair problem. i rather pay my credit card installment.

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

I share with you all my bad experiences:

Anonymous said...

I shld have read ur comment earlier and i've to regret for the whole life. I've been push to sign rm8k and i'm so stupidly signed for it. On 2nd visit, they asked for another 4k and reduced to rm3k after i refused to sign. But still i don't want to sign and they have to let me go. i still have a few treatments left and i'm so scared to go there. And i can't be just stop as thai is my hard earned money. Can anyone tell me what to expect next so that i can finish the remaining treatment 'safely' without being conned. I really like to cursed the boss and whoever participated in the scam. . . . Bald and bald for the rest of their life and everyone can piss on their head. . . Fxxk

haresh said...

I felt utterly Sick when they said to give Free hair treatment for free ending up being persuaded so long to take a package worth 1388 just to get out of there I paid the deposit 100 for the package and i never going to go back...

mr. lim said...

Please make good understanding of the real cause of hair loss. DHT is responsible for 95% of hair loss.
All of these traditional chinese herbs, oils, etc. do nothing to stop DHT from attacking hair follicles. Anyone claiming that these can grow hair is a cheat.
Only Propecia (Finasteride) and Rogaine (Minoxidil) are scientifically proven and accepted to grow hair. I can also say so because they worked VERY well for me.

Anonymous said...

Yes Yun Nam is blood worm to suck people money. I am the one victim of them. My hair not showing any good result but more worse!! Advice please, i would like to get my money back!! Do you think they will give it back to me?? and i still have 7x package for hair treatment!! Please need your feedback immediately.

Anonymous said...

Please be aware that the hair loss medicine prescribed by Dr. Ranjit SS15 Subang will cause impotence. My friend took them for 2 months and it caused impotence. The doctor said there will be no side effect but he is lying.

Anonymous said...

i am frm singapore,i have had several treatments done with Yun nam,i hv hair thinning problems,left with 7treatments and nw they start saying that my baby hair has dropped and i need another package.i hv paid sgd8k already and nw they still digging fr more.i wonder how the consultants are trained to be liars!

DR.Shah said...

hair problem is a medical problem. See your doctor for the perfect explanation. At our clinic , we will provide you the info and what are the treatment. Male pattern baldness treatment is hair transplant. Finasteride is for prevention of further loss .
visit my FB site to get more info

Shopaholic_Sinful said...

another good clinic would be Ranjit in SS15.. one row with Maybank.. :) it shows results my friend went there and i seen his hair growing a lot already!

Idealist said...

I guess after reading all the comments posted in this blog, I could only conclude 2 things. Firstly, saddle to say my wife is the overall winner here, she had spent almost RM 42K (inclusive of all supplement products that Yu Nam recommended. It is true they are great blood sucker and yet our government turned a blind eyes on these so called generous tax contributors. Secondly, after spending all the hard earned monies yet like what you guys just said, result is zero to none. They are very smart people knowing nothing could prove they are cheating whatsoever coz this sort of topics is very subjective and not something as an ordinary people could prove. You need a group of doctors or dermalogist to testify against them. But of course it will be great if our government could have had stepped in to prevent this from escalating further. Poor asians like us why we still opt for these sort of street pirates where now certified and professionals were just within our reach...just google and type "dermatologist" and remember always chose for a reputable hospitals.

Anonymous said...

pls dont mind my english as it sucks.

* i tried Medavita (shampoo & tonic/cost about RM 400/set which can last you for at least 3 months) normal saloon sold it ( i bought it at Kota Kemuning )

* some infrared energy water before use the tonic. RM 100/month ( -ve ion to help to increase the absorbtion rate of the tonic/herbs etc ) ** i did some study **

* Hire normal massage guy (came to my house and do whole body massage which includes head massage | which helps blood circulation) RM 60/week for every week. Try my contact ( 013 - 279 9035 Pakar Urat Saraf ) Puchong

My methods ( medication + catalyst (energy water) + blood circulation + stress relief )

And it works! less than 2 month everyone is asking ( did i go to yun nam? ) and i save RM 7000 - RM (60x4) - RM 400 - RM 100 = RM 6260!

* wish i could share my picture. it will not dramatically increase as it will take sometimes and you need to be patient!

* it will start with babyhair but do cut it once a week (im bald) as it will grow thicker. now still growing.

* Loving the mirror every morning!

just sharing . good luck!

Karen said...

Man am I glad I found this blog and managed to read the numerous negative comments against Yun Nam here.. I, like many others, went for the almost-free trial and treatment too.. I bought a CNY deal voucher through a group buying site for RMx (yes, that's right, single digit!).. I have quite a serious hair loss problem and I've thought of always having it checked out and stupidly thought this was my opportunity.. All I got was hair completely drenched in a horrid, stinky smell and it took 4 DAYS to wash off! Plus, after my "scalp treatment", the therapist blew dry my hair in the wrong direction. Imagine walking around the Curve with a dry, psychotic hairdo T_T

And yes, I can testify to the absurd pushiness of their therapists/bloodsuckers. The therapist assigned to me made mountains out of one molehill (about my scalp condition) and claimed that the treatment would help my condition. With the way she clawed at my scalp, I think the amount of hair that got yanked out was around 3 times more than on any typical day. After the treatment, I felt like that my scalp was VERY DRY and my hair was devoid of any form of moisturization (even though they sprayed the herbal "lotion"). My first thought was, why is the condition worse after the scalp treatment? Of course, their scalp scan analysis said otherwise and I foolishly thought that there were results.

The therapist really pushed hard to sell me a package worth 5k, but truth be told, I really couldn't afford it even if I wanted it. She tried a 2k package and I also said no. In the end, I said if I wanted to get a package, I'd contact THEM instead. This resulted in a delay tactic — they said they needed time to process my registration form before they could release my "FREE" sample (probably to buy more time to bully me into buying a package).

I got the hell out of there and went to find my bf to go back with me to claim my FREE sample, and this time, another bullying therapist (a female butch this time) offered me a RM500 package. I thought that this was agreeable as at least, it wouldn't leave me completely penniless, but I refused to pay the full amount upfront. I agreed to an RM100 deposit, and he/she said OK, but then returned a minute later to wrangle more money out of me. He/She said that with a minimum of RM300, I could at least get the products to use beforehand, before the treatments. I gave her an "are you stupid" look and told her, "You'll be giving the samples right? The products are also the same as the samples right?"... and she immediately shut up.

They kept insisting on making the next appointment as early as possible (to try to get their hands on the rest of your money ASAP), but I gave them a firm (if not rude) "NO". Ever since then, I've been wondering if I should go back... but now I know better.

Mr Lonely said...

thanks for sharing~

Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

Anonymous said...

Am glad had read about all d negative comments of yu nam hair care. Had always wanted to give myself a try from this centre cos had been trying so many methods of my frontal hairless .Had presumed d hairloss was due to lack of hormones cos am middle age. went to consult Ko skin specialist & Spent almost rm700 but not even a single hair grew after 3 mths . Lost confidence in them & went to another skin specialist but again after 3 mths also no result at all after spending another rm700. Gave myself a try at a well known clinic in kepong & this time d dr told me to go on hrt for 3 mths. Again not even a hair grow. Omg y everything can't work on this male pattern baldness! Very disappointed after wasting all my money. Now come across an article about Dr Robitt (an Indian national) who has a hairloss clinic run by a Chinese lady in kepong. I wonder wether this wd work or not? . Is there anybody out there had tried their hair treatment b4. Won't want to waste money unnecessary . Wd appreciate somebody wd enlighten me. Am really desperate to solve my hairloss problem

Anonymous said...

Any one try k care shop before? I also suffer for hair loss problem...

Anonymous said...

OMG...2 weeks ago i spend 7k for danddruff probs at yun nam..n they keep forcing me to take another 5k package for baby hair..i have a really bad dandruff probs..thats y i g to yun nam because their advrtise in TV3..
n today i already take another 5k package..which made all cost to 12k..!! yeah its too much...n the consultant keep promote another package for me...which i hate so much..!!!
how stupid am i, i should browse for yun nam probs...before i went there...

i just hope that my probs will cure..coz 12k is big amount for me..n i will not continue the treatment coz its to costly...

Anonymous said...

U may try traditional tricks. Which u can do it by urself. Stop wasting ur money on yun nam. I shall share u some secret given by my late grandma if u want. Email me at for details. (:

Anonymous said...

hello. i also went to yunam.i already spend about 10k. and now i took a package about RM2899. but i am not paid it all. i still have a balance that need to pay which is about 2k.but my hair not showing any good result. so i decide to stop from getting the treatment and refuse to pay the balance. is it okay?. do you think they will SAMAN me if i complete the payment?

Anonymous said...

*do yo think they will SAMAN me if im not completing the payment?

Anonymous said...

I have thin hair and having hair loss for years so i decided to try Yun Nam. As i really wanted to see improvement and wanted my hair to grow so at first i signed one package which is herbalogy that costed RM3xxx. I was thinking that is it for my hair improvement. Just aafter the second treatments, i was being called to the consultation room, the consultant advised me to sign the package for stabilizing my baby hair as the previous results seen my baby hair falling. I was bit annoyed as i just paid not long ago and the price is RM5xxx but after that the consultant tried to persuade me and marked down the prices to RM4xxx. Stupidly i signed the package. I am also regret that i signed the first package without any bargain and it let them think i am easily being convinced. After few treatments i was again being called to the consultation room and i knew the consultant going to tell me my new problems again to add package. She told me i need to do scalp emulsion so that the treatments i do can totally absord. I am too keen to cure my hair problem and thinking my previous treatment will be Iess effective if i didnt do this scalp emulsion but i act like i couldn't afford to pay as i know she will mark down the price and i told to myself i will not ever sign any package after this last. It costed me RM5xxx again. After few treatments again the consultant wanted to talk to me in the consultation room. Fxxk i really hate and i knew she wanted to suck my money again. Annoyed to see when she brought some papers and pen knew she going to explain something to persuade me to pay money again! She told me they going to increase their products by next week so if i purchased RM1000 voucher that day i still can enjoy the old price. I really feel irritated so straight away rejected her. She continued persuading me and her face was like very disappointed when i really insisted no! I really wanted to get angry or threw her words that even is RM1000 is not hard earn money? How much she can earn tell so easy to ask people pay only RM1000 but i still have many treatments there i tried to control my anger. Now i really know their tactics. After they asked you to sign new package and paid, they will let you relax for 4-5 times treatments then again will call you to the consultation room try to con your money. Now i still have 30 treatments plus 10 free treatments there. I really feel want to finish all as soon as possible because i really feel disgusted with them. But i think i might not finish my treatments and leave as they are going to persuade me sign new package when is the time to and when i insist no i may think they will keep continue until i couldn't stand or show me their face when i not willing to. Overall i just feel stupid and heart pained i spent RM15k and until today two months passed, i just feel my hair fall worst.

Anonymous said...

I am also a victim of Yunam. I spent more than RM10k and see no results. I feel disgusted with their pushing behaviour and tactics.

Anonymous said...

Yes as what some said when the result seems bit better they will credit to their products when no result seen they will blame on your lifestyle or not using their home care products daily.

Anonymous said...

Little advice, if you guys want to fix hair loss problem, strongly suggest go straight to the doctors instead of paying off all your hard earn money in exchanged of disappointment.

You all can try out the clinic located in Subang ( near Inti UC ), Ranjit Clinic. The doctor is a specialist in hair treatment and it works. =)

Anonymous said...


found this on youtube

you can try toppik hair building fiber to cover your bald or thinning hair

their website is

preshan thangavelu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Hi. I hope there are still people here. I recently went to Yun Nam. Same story. Slapped me with 13K package. I refused many times but they wont allow me to leave the room until i signed up. Made me scared that if i don't sign up, my hair is gonna get worse. So I signed up. I also asked them will there be any more treatment. They said no. After signed up, they told me to come after 3 days to check my baby hair fall. If the fall is bad, i need to do a baby hair/essence treatment. But they said don't worry, 70% of people don't need to do it. As expected, i fall within the 30% who have to do it. So they tried to slap me with another 12K. I said go to hell. But they make you feel bad, that if i don't sign up for this, my original 13k will be a waste since its not going to give me good results. So they reduced to about 3K for 10 sessions instead of 30 session. Next visit nothing. Fourth visit, they told me my hair just came back from the lab and you will know the result later. I was like ?!?!?! Nobody told me my hair was going to the lab? And by the sound of it, they are gonna slap me with something new. True, DHT this time for another 12k. If i don't take it, my original treatment will not be effective because without the DHT, my hair in the middle will grow slower. I argued with them that my original 13k was gonna fix the problem but now you are loading me with more items. Out of my 35 session, i told them to convert 10 of the session into DHT. They said can but DHT treatment is more expensive so i must top up. Another 2K. Total damage 18k. I went back that day started thinking and decided this has got to stop.

I went back next week, and told them i want to stop my treatment. After much argument and back and forth, they agreed to refund me, but not without deducting services rendered. And they calculated it, the four times i went plus home home care products at 5500! For four times visit out of the supposed 25-35 session. I told them i don't want it and will proceed to the tribunal. Still waiting for a breakdown of calculation from them before i go.

Any advise guys?



Kors Jackson said...

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zubair ali said...

The stuff you are writing blows out my mind.

HealthCare Sol2016 said...

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Mohan Singh said...

Anyone facing the hair loss problem and wants to get the best treatment they can easily go with the hair transplant in India at our clinic. We give the best ever treatment without leaving any scar or other side effects.

hammadbutt said...

Thanks for sharing. Its a Nice easy blogs and formula for every one. Such Hair transplant procedure is very effective for hair loss patients.
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Anonymous said...

Hi guy, I went to Yun Nam for a free trial yesterday, And they took my IC for "identification purposes" before returning it to me, will they do anything like identification theft?


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