Monday, December 17, 2007

Weekly summary - 13th week

It is a bad week. I feel my frontal has less hair then before. I also feel ,just feel, that my hair loss is actually worse than last week. I have been using Selsun blue shampoo from Abbott Laboratories. This shampoo is specifically dandruff used. I used it twice a week. On the other day, I used another shampoo call Clear.
Honestly, I feel the side effects that reduce my libido is stronger and stronger. If the erection is not hard enough before, now I think I even feel girl is less sexual attractive to me now. May be is due to Propecia.
Will my body reacts and regulate later I don't know.

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weirdboy said...

hi there..
yday while i was browsing, I came across this thing call saw palmetto extract which said could help with hairloss.

Just google "saw palmetto and hairloss" and you should find the sufficient info.

Hang out there mate and good luck !


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