Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Weekly summary - 6th week

It has been the 6th week I am on 0.5mg Propecia. Somehow, I think, my body already get used to the dosage. Everything seems normal (if consider a bit drop of libido is normal). Howver, today, I have found that I lost more hair while I wash my hair tahn before.This has a bit of worry me.
Until now, I can not see any positive result. I have no feeling that my hair is stornger than before as some people claimed. May be this is what we call that "you must suffer first before you can enjoy".
I really hope to see some good result soon.

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Propecia UK said...


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RP Singh said...

You can go for hair transplant surgery which is quite effective and result-oriented. So, its better to consult a specialist Doctor rather than taking any other medicines.


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