Sunday, November 4, 2007

Weekly Report-7th Week

Another week going and I would said, there was not much different I notice from last week. The hairloss has not been much different than last week. But I noticed that my hairloss is not that consistent since last week.
For the first 3 days of the weeks, my hairloss suddenly increased. My hair was so early drops off when I tocuhed my hair. However, what I read from hairlosshelp forum, this is happen to quite some peoples and it will go off after several months depends on different people. But after that, I have gone back to my normal hairloss rate. Yupe, my normal hairloss is more than normal people, but it is normal to me.
I have use a pill splitter to cut my propecia to half. However, I normally to one side bigger than one. Something like 55% to 45%. I am not sure what is the harm. But I don’t think it is the cause of my hairloss rate is not stable.
My target is hair regrow in my frontal. I don’t when it will happen or may be never happen. Just keep continue and see.

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