Monday, October 1, 2007

Weekly summary - Second week

2nd week of taking 0.5mg Propecia. Ironically, I have a small increase of libido. I have a slightly stronger desire which is a reverse of the claim of 2% of the patient will be suffered libido problem. I have seen in some forum like, there are people have an increase of libido. But some people is only temporally and some even decrease in libido even initially increase their libido. However, for some people, there is a permanent increase of libido as long as they are taken Propecia.

I have no comment of such a contrast as some people improve their desire and some reduce their desire. I believe it is hormone. It also mean that hormone is something that is hard to control.

My concern is my hair drops has never reduce after 2 weeks of 0.5mg Proepcia. I still want to wait till 3 to 6 months before I decided to increase the half dosage of Propecia to a full dosage of Propecia medication. There are many people success to stop hair loss. My target is regrowth my M shape frontal. It may take times. Report to you all next week.


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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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