Monday, October 22, 2007

Weekly summary - 5th week

Before I get any result, I have get the sides effect first.
First and 2nd week, I have an increase in libido which is a reverse of what Merck has written in the prescription.
Start from 3rd week, I feel my body has regulated itself, and the libido has been normal. However, my body seems to ‘over regulate’ and now I feel I have a decrease of libido. I am a bit worry of this condition. A bit of decrease is still OK for me. But not I lost interested when a naked woman in front of me also make me no response (in my fantasy).
Besides this libido problem, I don’t feel any problem to my body. At least, until now, I don’t feel any problem.
Hair loss has been the same over the past weeks. No decrease of hair drops. No changes to my scalp.
I will continue to take 0.5mg Propecia. I really hope to see result soon and I will post my picture in this blog.


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RP Singh said...

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