Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ronaldo uisng Crescina for Hair regrowth

Famous Brazil foorballer Ronaldo has used Crescina for hair regrowth. Below is the quote of the news.

The Secret Behind Ronaldo’s Stunning New Head of Hair
By: Martha | November 20th, 2007
The Source for Everything Soccer

Such lush tresses.In case you’ve missed it (and missing it would be understandable, given that he’s not played a competitive match since last June), Ronaldo — the one with the thyroid problems, not the pretty one — is sporting a magnificent near-afro these days, a far cry from the bald look he worked for ages.

The story out of Milan until today has been that he’s been growing his locks as a favor to Silvio Berlusconi, who wanted him to look more cuddly (there’s a slight chance he didn’t use that word exactly), but now, thanks to a Brazilian newspaper, the truth has come out: The secret, friends, is Crescina.

What’s Crescina, you ask? Well, according to O Globo, it’s the hair-growth product a certain well-rounded Brazilian has been using to change his hair from non-existent to completely banging. It “will have no effect on totally atrophied hair follicles,” though, so you can rest assured that Ronaldo’s were still kicking — they just needed the right Swiss serum to make them realize life really is still worth living.

Not only does he now have hair worth bragging about, but the Milan striker is also so happy with the product that he’s agreed to shill for it, albeit it probably very far away from our prying eyes. You know how half of Hollywood secretly does ads for random coffee companies in Asia? Well, this is going to be like that, except with a hair-growth product. In fact, Ronaldo’s already on the task, allegedly telling a Chinese news agency that his Cescina-created fro “may even help me score more headers.” God, he’s a natural! I can see the ads now: Big grin, maybe a Chia Pet or two in the background? It’s gold, Jerry!

For information of Crescina you can refer this website
but i am not sure this is the offcial website. It is a Swiss product but how effective it is unsure. It seems like apply to both male and female for Crescina.


Anonymous said...

He was never bald...

CresceNet said...

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Anonymous said...

IS Crescina available in Malaysia ?? or Singapore In which Pharmacy ?
Thanks for the Help.

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corolya said...

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