Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Weekly summary - 265/266/267th week -- I am back

Yes...I am back to this blog.
After 3 weeks missing with hectic schedule, I am back to report myself.
It is a turbulence few weeks with loaded with lots of issues, work, futures and also health.
I can't really know my libido is so low due to the pressure of lives or it is from the Propecia now. I really feel even a hot chic with sexy clad will not excite me at all. This is really sad.
I have no other way to know if my libido will ever recover if my lives is going to continue like this. It has been more than a year I have been reduce my posts by 50%, from weekly to revery fortnight and now even I started to delay my post.
Hope I will get back to normal life sooner. Hope my hair will become better.


Endi said...

Hi Mr.Bald men united! I've read one of your blog posts and I am quite confused about one particular issue. what do you mean by "I have retaken Propecia again and the hair loss have once again become normal since."?? what do you mean by the hair loss have become normal again?? you have taken propecia/finasteride for more than a year now right?? shouldn't your hair loss is halted by now?? I really hope you do answer these questions.thank you Mr. Bald men united! greatly appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

Hi I've been following ur blog since I begin treatment with finasteride half year ago. And I seem not working just yet.
Whenever I shower I drop around 5 to 10 (visible) , does it sound normal?

Ken said...

Hey Jason, sorry to hear you're still struggling. Hang in there man!

Jason said...

I stopped taking Propecia for one month and then I returned to Propecia again as more hair loss after I stopped. Hair loss only halted if you are taking the medicine

Anonymous said...

thanks for the answer. I was just wondering because I myself have been on Proscar cut into 1/4, for 16 months now, and it hasn't halted my hair loss at all! but on the plus side, I have seen my hair regrowing! but at the same time I am also losing my hair! what is happening?? Can you explain this?? has this ever happened to you before?? Thanks again Jason! - Endi


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