Sunday, October 21, 2012

Weekly summary - 263/264th week -- Pressure continue

What to said, I have to sleep almost at one or two am instead of before 12 (and normally I sleep before 11.30pm). We all knows that a good sleep will help our hair especially us, who has suffered hair falls. Yes, It will not cure your baldness but sleeping late will made you lose more hair. So, we have no choice.
Now, I come back homr at 10 or 11pm. I need to take shower and dinner and normally when it done it has to be 12 or 1 am. For your information, I still wake up at 6am the next day..nope, the same day. This is a life of everything also urgent and fire fighting style in my current company. Damn it. The pressure is really high and even the hair stylist who never compliant of my hair also said that my hair if not that much. I knew what he said is true and he just do not want to make me feel bad.I do notice my frontal hair is not that much after I work in this company. I just feel the 'pressure' and can not relax.
I do that many of the readers prefer to use minoxidil as a start. I am not sure if this is a good idea now since the Kirkland minoxidil is now made in Israel instead of Canada. I do feel the quality is not as good as before. None the less, I still use Rogaine in the morning.
Hopefully everything will turn positive soon.

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Anonymous said...

bro, really need ur help. can u delete my previous comment on ur blog . i mean somthing like dis..

I need to delete my comments on another blog. When I click on the delete icon, it removes the comment body but still displays my name along with this message:

"This post has been removed by the author."

How do I delete my comment completely? That is without leaving my name on their blog? This is on google blogs site - blogspot.

on dis link i olready delete my comment but my name still there..hope u can delete it by name k . tq bro .


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