Sunday, November 25, 2012

Weekly summary - 268/269th week -- Hair photos

My hair photos for this week. It seems worse than before. Sorry, the camera quality is pretty bad.


Anonymous said...

You may consider this

smiley said...

bro, i have read ur blog since 2007,
ur hair seems no change la..
( from ur photos)
maybe if u din use all those stuffs,
it will be even worst...

take care.

FUE inDubai said...

I found this blog quite helpful

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the answer. I was just wondering because I myself have been on Proscar cut into 1/4, for 16 months now, and it hasn't halted my hair loss at all! but on the plus side, I have seen my hair regrowing! but at the same time I am also losing my hair! what is happening?? Can you explain this?? has this ever happened to you before?? Thanks again Jason! - Endi


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