Sunday, July 29, 2012

Weekly summary - 251/252th week -- Kirkland Minoxidil

I think some of you notice that Kirkland Minoxidil 5% is now in a new look. It is now Made In Israel. For some Muslims that are not comfortable with Made in Israel, you may be have to choose Rogaine Foam which is more expensive. I use these two alternately to control a lower hair treatment budget.
Mine you, Kirkland Minoxidil is now more expensive than previously Made in Canada. It is a bit wierd to me but I think it is the way the company Costco want to make more profit with this successful product. I am not sure about Equate Wal Mart minoxidil which is always slightly more expensive compare Kirkland previously, but it is always not easy to purchase online.
Anyway, Kirkland now is about 20% more expensive than last year. This is exclude the US dollar is strengthen while RM is weaken. I just compare dollar to dollar.


Anonymous said...

Hi there, may I know where do you get your supply of the Kirkland Minoxidil with shipping to Malaysia?
I'm ordering, and want to get the latest product.
Thank you

Utah Hair Restoration said...

Kirkland Minoxidil is really good i heard.. anyone has used it?

George Choo said...

Hi there... i have almost read finish your blog start from 1st week you post till here using only one day...well most of it, i skipped from 65th weeks to the weeks u start using kirkland
minoxidil and proscar... you really inspired me a lot... i am only 22 years old but already suffering from MPB, still at early stage... but i can feel it getting worse days by days... my dad and my brother suffer from baldness so i
am quite sure its genetically inherited MPB... gonna do something about it before it getting any worser... i have been doing research through internet from last 2 days... i found your blog at the 1st day... but i only read it after
i doing research for other website because your blog is quite long... since i have done some research... i found out there are some shampoo out there such as Revivogen, or other shampoo containing Saw Palmetto
which claims to have anti-DHT properties...
I was wondering... since the function of propecia or proscar is to inhibit DHT also... why dun u try out some of the anti-DHT shampoo and stop talking proscar for some period... and see whether
does that helps in retain your hair volume... i think that using shampoo is better than taking proscar orally because the shampoo claim to only reduce DHT level in our scalp and follicles part and have lesser or no side effect
compare to orally intake of proscar such as the reduce in sex drive... but i duno about the effectiveness of anti dht shampoo since i din try it before... but u shud try it out... and if it is effective
enough for u to retain ur hair without take in anymore proscar... that sure will allow ur sex drive to return normal... isn't that great? hope u will consider and try out my suggestion... =) also i have read thru several website about
the Nizoral Shampoo that is claim to
have a quite gud effect just like using 2% Minoxidil... and their mechanism in regrowing back the hair is entirely different... so maybe u can try out the Nizoral
shampoo too, it maybe wil help u to regrowth more hair since ur hair has already stop growing thicker and you are not quite satisfied about it yet... i know u come contact with this kind of product before but u din choose to use it.
also... try take in supplement of
Vitamin B complex and plant protein since these 2 nutrient are very important for hair growth... will keep on follow ur blog... =)

syaharul alimi mohamed yusop said...

hi there.. im muslim.. but i dont even care bout whre the products from.. since im suffering my hair lost.. i just bought minoxidil online.. from the number that given by you.. 0172459008..

the problem is.. i just started with Yun nam treatment.. yes, you re right.. i paid 1500 from the total of 2990, its ramadhan offer, said by the lovely lady.. i got my first free treatment.. and just when i finished the 2nd treatment, the fuc##ing lovely lady asked me to pay all the balance and advise me to get other treatment for additional rm 1k.. assence of what i dont remember.. as i promised when i signed the aggreement at my fist visit.. i will pay the rest of the payment every time i get the treament (10 times ) installment.. the package should be include all the hair product.. but the girl refuse to give me the hair product unless i make the balance payment.. i really want to kill this lady.. i had pay 1500, and said its not enough to cover the cost of hair product..

But since im using yun nam hair product.. my hair is seem like growing better.. more thicker. its only take a few weeks to see it..but i dont want to pay more as i signed to pay only at rm2990 to the fu##ing yun nam.

Then i was read bout the minoxidil 5% and order it online.. its more cheaper compare to yun nam.. i just want to make sure.. is this the original product.. and how to make sure this is the real one.. not something fake imported from china...

George Choo said...

can u tell me the smell of your kirkland minoxidl? cuz i wanna make sure mine one is the real one... just receive my 1st kirkland minoxidil 2day... =)

scott summer said...

One should definitely use Minoxidil For hair regrowth.


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