Sunday, July 15, 2012

Weekly summary - 249/250th week -- Q&A and

Been a long time that my blog has not seen more than 5 comments. Last post of my hair pictures attract 9 comments and there is one reader's question I will answer.

Blogger Nooramin Roslan said...
hi, really the best blog i even read. i have few question to ask.. hope u can answer for me cause i'm suffered with this baldness issue.

1. Can u tell me what medication that i must take for the 1st time for this cure

2. is it have phase that i need to change my medication??

3. when can i buy for each of the medication or items???

and lastly, from ur experience, can u just recommend the medication or items that the best for newbie until the hair grow and become thick.. u can email me at thank you...
 My advise is Propecia+ Rogaine/ Minoxidil 5% + an organic/ less chemical shampoo (Some suggest Nizoral but I never try it). You must take risk to try Propecia as you may lose libido. 

Guys, you should know about if you have reader my post before. It is up to you to believe what they said is true. Do they exaggerate the side effects of Propecia especially the lose of libido permanently that they saw in some people? I believe the side effect is much higher than MSD claim but not as high as the website claim but it is good to know. I did continue to take Propecia vene I stopped for a month or so. 
Now one professor published a study pf Propecia and it is on the web. Just show you some of the important points they made. 
Question to you all that take Propecia, do your penis size become smaller?

Journal of Sexual Medicine

Dr. Michael Irwig at George Washington University has published a new study on persistent Finasteride side effects
. This new 2012 study is a follow-up to his March 2011 study titled "Persistent Sexual Side Effects of Finasteride for Male Pattern Hair Loss".

Selected excerpts:
  • "In a group of 54 otherwise healthy former users of finasteride who developed persistent sexual side effects that lasted for at least 3 months, 96% continued to experience these effects when reassessed 9–16 months (mean 14 months) later, raising the possibility of permanent effects."
  • "There is a solid and growing body of basic science evidence that finasteride reduces the concentrations of several neuroactive steroids that play a role in neurogenesis and neuronal survival."
  • "To explain the long-term neurological effects of finasteride, it is possible that reduced concentrations of neuroactive steroids are affecting the plasticity of neuronal architecture in regions of the brain responsible for sexual function."
  • "Another recently published study found that rats treated with finasteride for 4 weeks had a 26% reduction in the weight of their corpora cavernosa as compared with a control group [27]. This finding is consistent with the reports of genital shrinkage reported by some of the human subjects in this study."
  • "The most volunteered changes related to the urogenital system in terms of semen quality and decreased ejaculate volume, reduction in penis size, penile curvature or reduced sensation, fewer spontaneous erections, decreased testicular size, testicular pain, and prostatitis. Many subjects also noted changes to their mental abilities, sleeping patterns, and/or depressive symptoms. Many subjects reported a “disconnection” between the mental and physical aspects of sexual function."
  • "The typical story of men with persistent sexual and other side effects is that they unsuccessfully seek help from various providers in multiple medical specialties. It is important for physicians to acknowledge with their patients the current limitations in medical knowledge, particularly as it relates to neuroscience. There is no known blood or imaging test to study or measure neuroactive steroids or their metabolites in different areas of the brain associated with sexual function."
  • "Further valuable research could determine who would be susceptible to finasteride through genetic studies of polymorphisms of 5a reductase and the androgen receptor. Further research with validated instruments is needed to study the nonsexual persistent side effects associated with finasteride."


Norm said...

hi i just found your blog from my google search about Bawang syampoo.

I started using it for the last 2 months and this is my most favourite hair product right now. I was having a bad hair fall since the day I start working (maybe due to stress). My hair fall more than 30 daily and this scared me because I don't want to be bald.

So I previously using Himalaya product but it didn't give me a lot of satisfaction as my hair fall problem still occurred.

Then I try using Bawang syampoo and conditioner. Guess what, my hair fall problem is not gone. Daily I just loss less than 5 which I think is a good thing. Then I started to notice new hair started to grow along my hair line. Hopefully i also solve my receeding hair line problem.

Jason said...

Hi Norm,
you are a lucky one that experience hair growth with Bawang products alone.
I am using Himalaya, may be may case is worse than yours.
Keep update me here.


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