Sunday, August 12, 2012

Weekly summary - 253/254th week

I always think Minoxidil is the safest way to have the hair treatment. I think the price here is always more expensive than you buy from
Needless to said, those who does not read this blog, most likely they will buy it directly from the pharmacy with a hefty price at RM150 or more.
However, even that is not consider expensive if we consider you have treatment in Yun Nam Hair Care. I really hope that those victim that went to Yun Nam or 101 Hair care will do some searching in the net before they enter their door. You will be very likely being conned with those young and pretty lady. No results in the end is the things I can guarantee you and you lost your hard earn money and more important, time. Time that you can regain your hair instead of becoming worse.
Yun Nam and other hair care centers have always come out with different promotion to attract those unaware potential victim. Free first treatment with free treatment kit that make the treatment seems so cheap but in fact, every treatment will cost you at least RM200. Second, they will exaggerate the condition of your hair like your scalp is oily, the sebum clog your hair hole and they can not "breath". All of these is just not scientific proven. Moreover, those Neilson survey and accreditation from Yun Nam are just all "fake".
So, do more research before you decide. Google is just a type away, isn't it?


Jason Davis said...

You make some fine points. There are many ways other to stop hair loss and even regrow hair 100% naturally and without side effects. I have an e-book covering the MANY methods you could use to grow your hair back! I'm giving away part 1 of my e-book on how to grow your hair back the natural way and can be found here:

It is completely free.

Tommy Chen said...

I am more concerned on the side effects of this hair loss pills. Though i think this worth a try if your hair loss is not that severe.

Chris Wong said...

Hi there,
Could you post your supplier from I'm not sure which merchant ships to Malaysia, and I'd like to buy direct from reputable USA suppliers. After all, we're dealing with medication - Maybe also do a post on your regimen. It would really help Malaysians suffering from male pattern baldness


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