Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Weekly summary - 30th week

I have cut my hair shorter. The good thing is I am more convincing I have more miniature hair or baby hair than last time. I really hope I can post some photos soon as I have no digital camera after I broke mine.
However, I do found that I have more hair falls during this week. I don't know why. I could be I couldn't slept well recently. I hope this will not continue for next week. If it continue, it is not a good sign. Shedding in the initially stage is understood, but I don't think in my stage taht is after 6 months I took Propecia.
My libido still low. Recently I saw in hairlosshelp forum, tehre are people tat using 0.25mg and yet get a good result. I hope I can get positive result with 0.5mg dosage of Porpecia and get my libido back.


cuddle baby said...

Hello, I happened to stumble upon your site. I'm a 24 yr old female and I've been experiencing FPB since... well the onset was probably like when I was 17 yrs old. Like you, I really didn't worry about it too much, I always had a thick head of hair and my biggest hair problem was not being able to divide it up properly. Not so much the case anymore. I'm still doing okay with my hair but I'm also actively trying to look for solutions. Obviously, propecia isn't an option for females but it's cool that you're keeping this journal. Keep up the good work.

Computadores said...

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