Monday, February 25, 2008

Weekly summary - 23th week

On Thursday, I miss a dosage of Porpecia. It was the second time I missed the dosage. While I washed my hair that day, I did find that the hair loss is slightly more than usual.
I did find that miniature ahir still falls when I washed my hair. This is what I always said, less hair falls after taking Propecia never mean you will gain back your hair. I ma in this condition. Yes, hair falls reduce but hair seem never regrowth.
My libido still low. I can said really lost the desire and pretty girl seems not attact me as it used to. I am worried of it. I think that even longer time of taking Propecia, this sides effect will not go away .

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Anonymous said...

I started to take propecia 1mg, but i chop it into half, so I take 0.5mg per day. It really drive your sex desire low, your feel high tripping point become too high to reach, haha!!

Anyway, i don't know why I got hair lost, but it maintain to have thining hair for 4-5 years, I just try whether propecia may give me new hope!!


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