Monday, February 18, 2008

Weekly summary - 22th week

Another week that I think is quite plain.
Over one week I have used Audace PH performance shampoo and I feel my oily scalp have improved, but not perfect.
My hair loss is about same like last week. As I said, normal hair loss doesn't mean that there is a positive sign of hair regrowth yet. My target is hair regrowth and honestly, there is no obvious sign miniature hair has grown heathier and much more amount.
Libido is still low. OK see you next wek and leave any comment you want.


Anonymous said...

like to contact you, please email to ikengkai [at/@]

anon y mouse said...

hello, I posted anonymously on jan 18!

I noticed one time you mentioned Nizoral. Did you actually try it? It is the only "treatment" I've ever actually tried so far. I didn't have a lot of dandruff as long as I wash every day. However, they say it's very good for dandruff(as that's what it was originally for) and it's one of the few things that does have a real scientific study showing it promotes growth. I don't know if it does much of anything for growth, but it seems to work fine as shampoo for me. It's strong stuff but hasn't irritated my scalp in any way. I used it a few times a week and it actually seems to leave my hair quite nice as long as I leave it in for the full 3-5 min.

Jason said...

I didnt use Nizoral as my intention for for Audace is for my oily sclap. I used Selsun Blue from ABotte for dandruff. It is cheap and working fine for me.
For growth, I really depend on Porpecia.

yupe., what you want to ask?I may email when I free...cheers


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