Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Weekly summary - 20th week and Happy Chinese New Year

I am now in the 20th week on 0.5mg Propecia or finasteride. It is known that study by FDA in US that the 0.2mg Propecia dosage is almost the same with 1mg Propecia. I assume that if .2mg dosage is about the same, so does 0.5mg ,right? May be I will post one of the article of the Propecia dosage and the effectiveness in this blog later.

This week is so far so good for my hair. Nothing much change of hair drops. It is quite normal but still some small hairs fall. Besides, my scalp is a bit oily but I am not sure it is related to propecia. There are some people complaint of their oily hair in hairlosshelp forum after taking Propecia as well.

As I said in the previous post, my libido is no so consistent, but I am quite certain it is not as high as it used to.

I take this chance to wish all Chinese Happy Chinese New Year! Hope we all gain more hair in the Rat year.

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drkdude said...

from what you write, it seem like the prophecia's effect already taken in place.

that is a good news for you! well as for the libido don't worry to much about it, just stay focus on your objective!

and i would like to wish you happy Chinese new year!


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