Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Finally I have the courage to take Propecia

Result until now: So far, 0.5mg Popecia seems doesn’t has any effect yet. Hair loss when I washed my hair is still the same. I still have my dandruff. No feeling of losing libido or sex drive yet, no hypertension. The only concern is just a bit fatigue and feel like sleeping. Lost some focus and concentration easier than before. Not feeling of depression as claim by some people.

Ask yourself one question. If you find that the hair that drops whether during washing your hair or while you comb your hair, what will you do? What action will you take to stop hair loss or even better grow back the hair you have loss?

Most people will not recognize the problem as serious initially (like me), but once you notice it is quite obvious and people start mentioning your hair is lesser then before, most people will not go to see doctor. Trust me, this is actually the best way to stop your hair loss. You need to know which type of hair loss you are facing. Whether it is due to pressure, male pattern baldness, or etc. Then we can start the battle to stop losing our hair…battle to regain back our hair.

Unfortunately, include myself, seeing doctor and taking medicine like my male pattern baldness (MPB) is not the first option. I change my shampoo from Rejoice dandruff to Pantene. Not successful, I changed to shampoo that specifically for dandruff. It become worse.

Looking of the condition, I went to doctor and he diagnoses I have suffer MPB. Yupe, I should realize it earlier. Just look at my father and my elder brother will know. Their hairline reside. Now it happens to me. He suggested me to take Finasteride 1mg or also know as Propecia. However, he told me that there is possibility of getting the side effect.
Especially the decreased of libido. Although I have no sexual activity at that moment (yupe, no girl friend because of my M shape forehead is quite obvious), the libido issue has been a barrier for me to take Propecia, which is the only medicine that is proven effective for MPB.

I have considered taking or not taking Propecia for several months. I decided “no go” for temporally. I want to try other way first. Propecia is the last effort to save my hair at that moment. How wrong it is the decision I made. I spent a lot of money after that but my hair actually reside, M shape forehead more obvious, hair loss continue. I feel cheated!!! Even Propecia may not work for me, I would just accept the reality and wait all my hair drops. I can also shave all my hair. Only now I know I have been cheated.

Most Malaysian and Singaporean know of Yun Nam Hair Care. You may be one of the customer. I dare to say, while my 3 years treatment of my hair, they are just want to earn my hard earn money. They give you a lot of hopes but yet no result. You must be surprise why I am so stupid to be cheated. I will write of this in my next article. Just want to tell you I have spent almost RM 15k in Yun Nam Hair Care and I not sure whether any hair I grow is because of their so call herbal treatment. I just sure my hair is lesser before and after.

Another wrong action is using Diamond Spa. I am sure Malaysian and Singaporean know or heard of Diamond products. Diamond Energy water, Diamond Master Filter, and Diamond Spa is famous household name. Diamond Energy water has been one of the best water filtration system. However, claiming Diamond Spa can stop hair loss is another story. An old friend of mine has promoted Diamond Spa for me after claiming it will help my hair loss. He has show many pictures as evidence of it. I convinced and installed one in my house. He is really a good sales person. He persuaded me to become one of his downline and start promoting healthy water. I have to say, except Diamond Spa, Diamond Energy Water and Diamond Master Filter are good products. (Frankly, I still have 5 Diamond Energy water system which has 6 filters for indoor used. I am willing to sell well below market price. Any one interested can contact me.).

After 5 years I discovered myself suffer of MPB, I finally take the last step, taking propecia 0.5mg. Propecia is normally 1 mg . I cut half of my dosage as I want to see whether 0.5mg Propecia can stop hair loss and regain my hair. Propecia is not cheap in Malaysia (One of the reason I reduce my dosage). I will keep updating my progress and also the story of Yun Nam Hair Care cheat me and many others.


Anonymous said...

Try FINAX. I use this because it's cheaper.

Anonymous said...

i just discovered your blog here.. i'm having the same issue as yours. Most likely that I have receding hairline which is lower my self-esteem. I tried to hide it with my hair and i know it doesn't work at all. I also tried with diff products such as NIOXIN, KERATASSE. I dont know how to refer to doctor. can i know which doctor did you went to seek the consultation? and how much is the propecia cost you?

thank you

Ronie said...

Do u still hv yr diamond system? which 1 u wanna sell N how much. Can u pls email me?
My email is


Anonymous said...

may i know where to get finasteride(propecia)..?? i had same the problem with you..please help me.!..i saw a lot of differential with your hair..

RP Singh said...

That's great you fought with Propecia. But, nowadays alopecia is more as compare to Propecia. There are so many causes behind hair loss in men and What I feel is the person himself is responsible for baldness problems.


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