Sunday, January 13, 2013

Weekly summary - 275/276th week -- time is counting

Time is counting, for my trip to US (tentatively these two weeks) if it is not canceled in the last minutes. Well, I previously quite excited as I can meet up one of my female colleague in US, but recently rumors from the office that she has a guy over there and a few other guys in US also after her. I must admit, she is hot!!!
Anyway, the most worried part for me is I may miss out the Malaysia General Election this round where I really hope this country will have a changed. This is definitely needed when we looking around the issues in this countries. So many unresolved issues for years. I really have to shout "How many more 10years we got?". There are really a lots of things I wish I could do for Malaysia, but looking at my skin color, those government link companies just do not really welcome Chinese. I think many of the Chinese or Indian may feel the same well. It is not we are not good or does not qualified, it is due to the race base policy.
Of course, this US trip may also worsen my hair loss. Thus, I really do not wish to stay longer than 2 months. Hard water will let my hair drops even more. I have no idea how to solve it, may be boiling water or buy mineral water can reduce the effects?
I will be busy soon. Write to you guys next time.


Anonymous said...

you think too much
your female colleague is in the us and you are putting hope on her?
hope you can find one here..
all the best

Endi said...

I was just wondering because I myself have been on Proscar cut into 1/4, for 16 months now, and it hasn't halted my hair loss at all! but on the plus side, I have seen my hair regrowing! but at the same time I am also losing my hair! what is happening?? Can you explain this?? has this ever happened to you before?? Thanks again Jason! - Endi

Dr Health Clinic said...

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