Thursday, September 27, 2012

Nioxin shampoo and its treatment

I have heard Nioxin brand for a while but do not really do some research of it.
Until this Monday, I read that it has come to Malaysia in The Sun.
I do not know the effectiveness of hair loss treatment but I did aware it is offer in O'Inno Salon. Each treatment is about RM200.
The products of treatment is divided into 1 to 6 groups with each number is suitable for different type and the seriousness of  hair loss. The range of take home products is range from RM 85 ro RM279.
Wow, seems like the price is not cheap and I still think it could be another Yun Nam. Howver, Nioxin is a reputable US products and may be it is a bit better.
More info from the link below


Mr Lonely said...

thanks for sharing~

aking said...

my hair dresser promote me the nioxin but i didnt take it coz now i'm focus on proscar....hope we all gain our hair back!:)


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