Sunday, May 27, 2012

Weekly summary - 242/243th week -- Beijing 101 or 101 Haircare

Beijing 101 was once as notoriously known but still not as famous as Yun Nam Haircare, the mother of all healthcare or beauty scam. I think my post of Yun Nam which I wrote a few years ago, still the most visited and read post.
Beijing 101 now try to re branding through  with a new name 101 haircare。 Though I believe most of us still can recognised they are the same company, just a little different name.
Now, they are promoting in Groupon and mydeal. These type of new group buying trend allow them to promote their product and services with a low price. Indeed, they are doing this type of promotions, Free treatment for the first trial or at a price RM18.88, before they persuade you (in a manner word) to sign a RM 10k package and bring you no result.
please note that this promotion only for those age 23 and above?  Why? very likely because you are working at 23 and own a debit card if not credit card. Else, you will not afford to sign up their package, right?