Sunday, May 13, 2012

Weekly summary - 240/241th week -- 2nd spell with Propecia

I would said this is my second spell with Propecia. If you follow my blog, you will know I have a nearly two month break from Propecia but I did notice more hair loss than before. I think minoxidil alone may not help much for my hair loss, thus, I have to continue with my Propecia medication.
The second spell with propecia was a bit different with the first spell.
1. the first spell, my libido was even better initially but second spell remain the same low libido.
2. the first spell, hair loss did not improve instantly but take a few months to reduce the hair loss and the second spell almost reduce my hair loss instantly.
I must said, if you decide to go on with the Propecia, you will get better result than with just Rogaine or minoxidil. However, physiologically, you also more reluctant to lose your hair. You will worry if your hair loss has been continuously more than 150 strands. I know there are people happy with minoxidil alone, I guess they are lucky as their condition is not severe or their expectation is not high.
Anyway, I just do not know when I will quit again. May be when I get a girl and need sex????


thi said...

I think you need to add Nizoral to the mix. It contains an ingredient that blocks dht. Could be a good addition along with propecia.

I also don't think you can go on too long depending solely on minox no matter how lucky you are. Reason being, at some point of time the MPB will definitely catch up and you could be losing the hair that minox possibly grew.

I would advice using propecia along with minox for best results.

Haramain said...

I would like to recommend you this:

I'm going to test it myself..

Anonymous said...

Where can I get Propecia?

Hung Nguyen said...

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