Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weekly summary - 230/231th week -- stop taking Propecia for a week

I have stop taking Propecia for a week. No special reason, just i have forget to take Proscar after I stop for a day, I just continue to miss the dosage to monitor my hair condition. for your information, I split 5mg Proscar into 4 pieces and thus I will stop for one day after four consecutive days.
This is my observations:
1. Hair loss was almost the same during shower. May be I need more time to monitor the hair consition before I can conclude.
2. Libido is low, I guess even lower than when I was with Propecia.
3. I have no erection after I stop taking Propecia, it is a bit weird. even I have erection, it is not hrad and last long.
4. Try to masturbate and  the volume of ejaculation is less than previously.

I guess my body was still adjusting and thus it is hard to make a final conclusion. I do worried that the side effects. It seems like with or without Propecia, my libido has been low. the erection is not hard. May be I have no chance to recover the hardness and libido I use to have before I start taking Propecia? Or it is my natural drop of libido since I am in my thirties now. It is natural to have lower libido? I have no answer. Do you have?


Anonymous said...

for my case, it take almost 6 months for my libido and hardness to become normal.
i was freaked out, thought never will recover. please study more and stop taking propecia... just stick with minoxidil...

Anonymous said...

hey there,
I saw your blog for the first time 6 months ago and had posted for advice on taking propecia. I started taking 0.25 mg daily as I was afraid of the sides. Even 0.25 mg affected me badly. I started seeing an increase in shed (most people report this ~3 weeks long)...mine lasted longer. I dropped propecia at the 2 months mark due to no decrease in shed and sides...

In my family my father started to bald at 50. I am balding at 28. Based on intense internet search and common knowledge, I think I know why people experience premature balding nowadays. It is most likely related to the food that we eat. Since most of the food have hormones and preservative chemicals in them, they create hormonal imbalances in our body. Usually our liver tries to balance them out but the chemicals that we consume nowadays are pretty strong. In simpler words, our liver ages faster.

Another factor is the shampoo and the conditioner that we use.

To verify these factors have a look at people from villages (with clean water, agriculturally self sufficient and isolated from cities). You would see a fewer balding people. Furthermore last generation people balded slower.

I currently stay in US but am originally from India. During my last vacation (3 months back) I went and met an ayurvedic specialist. They prescribe ancient medicines. (I am sure you have similar doctors in China).I tried ayurveda due to pressure from my parents. These medicines are known to have almost no sides as they have been tested for centuries unlike the newer medicines which are pushed by the big pharma companies for profit.

The doctor prescribed me an oil to ensure that there is no growth of fungus on my scalp and also prescribed tonics and pills (ayurvedic). The tonic and pills are to be consumed before and after breakfast and dinner and are meant to purify the blood. The problem with ayurveda is that it takes a long time (maybe a year , maybe 2) , however I never experienced increased shedding like propecia. My wife mentions that she sees regrowth. I have my finger crossed.

Regarding hair care, I stopped using shampoo completely. After applying the oil prescribed 15-30 min before bath, I remove the oil by applying a slurry of mung bean powder (slurry= powder mix with water) and thoroughly wash it off.

I am just updating you with the alternate path I have decided to try.


Anonymous said...

Hi,everyone. Anyone tried the minoxidil 15% with 5% azelaic acid which is available on is it more effective?

Jason, are u still on propecia? can u update us on your latest treatment regime including which shampoo and supplement that u are using?

Do u take biotin?

Thank you


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