Saturday, February 18, 2012

Weekly summary - 228/229th week

I am very glad that they are people still visit this blog regularly although I have not updated it weekly now (I will try to, just like chat with old friends if you follow it for quite a long time). Thanks for your comment and some reader even help me to answer to other reader in this blog. Thanks for your effort.
I think the hardest part for hair to grow must be the vertex and frontal. In my case, it is frontal that is more serious and even the condition now is much better, I do not see significant improvement since I recovered almost 70% of my hair. I think the effects of  propecia and minoxidil has reduce a bit and move to a stage that it only maintain my current hair but no more hair growth or insinificantly.
It is quite normal maybe as I can saw some thread from the post in hairlosshelp forum regarding the loss of effectiveness of both propecia and minoxidil after a few years. Maybe we have to accept it that our hair may not be as thick as those who did not suffer hair loss no matter how much effort we try to save our hair.
I also have thought of stop taking Propecia since it is harder to get it from Guardian and Watson now. You need to have the prescription even for Proscar. So, I am rather to quit than to take the prescription over and over again. Oh..prescription also and expired please notice that..

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Anonymous said...

Hi,everyone. Anyone tried the minoxidil 15% with 5% azelaic acid which is available on is it more effective?

Jason, are u still on propecia? can u update us on your latest treatment regime including which shampoo and supplement that u are using?

Do u take biotin?

Thank you


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