Sunday, April 1, 2012

Weekly summary - 234/235th week -- More hair loss?

May be I have loss more hair after I stop taking Propecia for almost a month now. I hope it is just a false sign instead a true one. Else, it just prove that Propecia do play an important role on my hair loss.
I feel my libido has somehow recover a bit but the penis erection is not hard as prior the days I have taken Propecia. It is a positive sign and I hope it will continue to improve. I still recall there are days my libido is quite good but it did not last long. After a month, I am back to a low libido. Also, even I am in Propecia, my libido was actually good initially but drop after 2 months and continue to up and down but remain at a lower libido level than my normal self (which mean prior Propecia).
Guys, I have create a Android apps and hope you guys can try it out and feedback to me.
Regarding the purchase of Rogaine from, I will find a time to do a research of the seller. I think may be Monsterdeals is the only choice. May be we have to bear with it although he may slack a bit sometimes.


Anonymous said...

i have follow your regimen for 2 years now. It's only help for crown area only. My temple area still receding badly. Hair transplant is the only solution for hairline.

Law said...

Dear Jason,

Hope that u can advise me on this, I post in your previous blog week 232/233 comment but i dont think u saw it.

I was trying to do some purchase for minoxidil at amazon, when i select MonsterHotDeals as the seller, everything is able to proceed until the credit card info page, nothing went wrong with the delivery address.

But..when i choose other seller for example Live Well Health Store LLC, it pop out a message saying that "We're sorry. This item can't be shipped to your selected destination. You may either change the shipping address or delete the item from your order."

I don't really want to purchase from MonsterHotDeals because i read some bad feedback about this seller. But..other seller give me this pop out message.
(p.s. I checked the seller info and it does deliver to Malaysia.)

Could u let me know which seller are u purchase now? Kindly pm to my email

Thanks in advance. Appreciate it.



Jason said...

KnK Sales, saw them shipped to Malaysia


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